Burger Kingbad management and bad workers

Ro Sep 10, 2019 Review updated:

I got a call back last night for interview at the greencastle ind burger king. The manager crystal told me to come in today for the interview. So I went in today and the manager who I was and that I had interview. Well she completely ignored me and talked to another woman who was starting today. Well I waited up at the front counter. Then another worker proceeded to walk in with ugly nasty tattoos on her arm that was very visible to see. She asked the other other woman if she got help but not me. Another worker wasn't doing absolutely nothing and playing on her phone gave me the hatefulls look ever. So then after that fiasco I sat down to wait for the manager to interview me and still nothing. So I left. I recommend if you live around greencastle or in greencastle ind dont go there! There was nothing cooked at all there. That place is filled is very hate filled and lazy and racist individuals! I'm never going there again as long as I live in this community!

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