Burger Kingall service and customer respect

Li Oct 01, 2019

I visited a Burger King restaurant to get something to eat and go back to work. I entered the establishment placed order and paid for the meal no problem. The food was slowly prepared with unhappy customers waiting. I went to sit down and eat the food I noticed the bathroom has the fake signs on it that the bathroom is not working below another sign saying the bathroom is for customers. I asked for some of the hand sanitizer behind the counter and was granted. I sat to eat and here comes the cashier to clean where I am sitting sweeping mopping as if I am not there moving chairs also and I ask excuse me miss please allow me to finish eating before you keep sweeping up that dust in the air and she gets mad curses and keep going . I bring the problem to the manager and the manager was even more rude and cursing real words while screaming saying D*** now you want a refund you are nothing get out of my restaurant I wish my husband was here to fight you and start trouble with his weapons. I would not suggest this restaurant to anyone not even a dog the staff there are the worst.

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