Burger Kinga corporate policy when order has been shorted

Fo Aug 21, 2019

On Friday at 3:00 I placed an order at Birger King drive through window for. a jr whopper meal deal for 2 that was on my app along with 2 10 piece nuggets and a large fry (to feed 2 adults and 2 children waiting at home). After a 20 minute wait my food was brought to the window. It was at this point pouring down rain. I repeated the order to the young man handing me my food and asked if everything was in the bag and he assured me it was. I took the order home and went to divide it up and we were shorted two small fries. I called and first was asked if I had my receipt which I told the woman I did. She said I could come back over and get them. I told her I wasn't coming back out in the downpour but
I did have to go out at 8 pm to pick up my daughter. She asked for my name - said she'd put it in the book and that would be fine. Never apologized but that isn't the issue. I go to the drive through again and explain that I need to pick up 2 small fries that I was shorted at 3. I explain I called and was told it wouldn't be an issue. I'm told I have to come inside. I explained that I'm disabled and could not. I asked if there was a manager He said that is who told him I'd have to come inside. I told him to ask her to come outside to speak with me. At this restaurant you have to pull back out onto the highway when leaving the drove thru and then back into the parking lot.
So I did and the manager is standing outside the door. I again explained that I was disabled and had been shorted 2nall fries earlier in the day and that I had called. Told her that it wasn't right that I was being required to come in when they shorted me. She said it was corporate policy and she couldn't do anything about it. If I wanted the fries I had to come in. She then pointed at my daughter and said can't she come in for you. I said I'll ask her but she is recovering from foot surgery herself. I apologized to her for being frustrated and told her I was just feeling pissed off. Her response was I'm kissed off too and she went inside. Once inside she told my daughter that I'd she had known it was just for 2
Small fries she would have just given them to me at the window. I DO NOT understand how you can require someone to come in to your establishment when 1. Your business shorted
Me and 2. I fully explained that I am disabled and unable to come in. I am truly upset about this policy. I would not think this would conform to ADA regulations. If I had not had my daughter (who herself was in pain and had to be inconvenienced) your establishment would not have given me the product they shorted me and would in fact have been stealing from me. How many disabled folks does this happen to in a day. Is this why your establishment is known for shorting people's orders. You figure that they either won't come back or they are disabled and won't be able to come in and retrieve their items?! Policy needs to be reviewed and changed. Thank you for your time
Patty Day
712 Hugh Ave
Roanoke Va 24019

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