Burger Kingsgl pretzel king combo

C Oct 13, 2019

My first complaint is to see how dirty the place was, tables, floor, restrooms, etc etc.
We order the Single Pretzel King Combo and when the food was ready they gave us the wrong product, they took it back and the only thing they change was the bread and it was COLD, the fries were fry in dirty oil and there were soak in oil and soggy, we took a couple of bites and we throw it away. The crew were yelling at each other and talking extremely loud, It was so disappointing since I had a guest from out of the country
STORE #2531, ORDER #56 for the amount of $23.72
DATE OF VISIT: 10/13/2019 - TIME: 06:13PM
I'm requesting a refund and take care of the complaint issues, I have always like Burger King but after this visit I will not go back again

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