Burger Kingservice and order of food

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on Jan 05, 2020 I went to Burger King on Shady Grove Rd, Rockville, Md to purchase breakfast which I do each week plus 2x weekly, and on Sunday I was treated with total disrespect by the manager. I ordered 2 sausage and egg and cheese breakfast with 2 coupons. I arrived at 10:15 am, and was told I couldn't use but 1 coupon with 4 children waiting to eat, so I said ok to 1 coupon and I will share the food with 4 children, didn't have money for a full breakfast, and then I was told I would only get 1 hash brown with 2 breakfast, so I ask if I could have juice instead of coffee, I was told that would be $4.00 extract so I ask for 1 juice and my wait time inside was 10:15 until 10:47 am when I inquired I was told to be patience it was coming and patrons behind me had their food and leaving and I am still standing, would had left but no other fast food on that end to feed my kids, and I go back in 10 mins and the manager is still upset?? when I did get the food I was only able to get 1 hash browns and was told that all I was to get and angry with his tone, until a young man in line told him how disrespectful he was over a hash brown. I felt very belittle in front of others it was no need for it, very embarrassed and still paid $8.00 for a $5.00 meal.


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      Jan 08, 2020

    No it is not. It is your crude message. This is a complaints board. That is the purpose to air complaints.

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      Jan 10, 2020

    @furnituredd Feedback is supposed to be constructive. You don't give feedback, you belittle and demean.

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  •   Jan 10, 2020

    @furnituredd You know I love you but it really should be constructive. With meaning.

    That being said, I do find myself asking "Who ties your shoes?" more and more often than I think I should.

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