Burger Kingrefused coupon

D Oct 23, 2019 Review updated:

At the drivethrough speaker I ordered two small whopper meal. I first informed the order taker that was going to use a coupon. The price should have been $8.99. Iwent to the restaurant because of the deal. The coupon was still in date. They rang the meal up for $14.99 I presented the coupon at the window and asked them to honor the price. The cashier called the manager over. She kept calling me "hon" as she took the details. She refused to honor the coupon, "hon". She stated that I didn't tell the ordertaker some "code number, hon." The coupon said to tell them you're using a coupon. I told he that"other restaurants, including BK don't play games like this." I went a block away and got a great meal. I've skipped BK for more than 10 years since the ‘rotten meat' episode. Maybe in 10 more years the bs memory will fade?

This occurred 2019.10.22 around 1220OM

Because they had no honor and refused the valid coupon I don't eat at BK anymore


  •   Oct 23, 2019

    Hi there hon! As the coupon states, you need to tell the Burger King Associate operating the drive thru that you plan to use a coupon before placing your order. I hope this clears things up!

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      Oct 23, 2019

    The letter writer stated she FIRST told the employee she was going to use a coupon... the manager obviously could have voided the transaction and rung it up again, applying the coupon. I don't think the customer did anything wrong here at all.

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  •   Oct 23, 2019

    They should have voided the order and entered it again. You’re better off without that greasy fatty food anyway.

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