Burger Kingpoor customer service

A Jan 14, 2020

I am writing in reference to the location listed above. I frequent this location about once a week. Each week there is always a reason that they are out of a product or that the drive thru is down. 2 weeks ago the drive thru was down but was told I could come inside, last week they were out of cinna-minis so I ordered my croissant anyway. Today I was told that the drive thru was down again but I could come inside. Here is my issue with that. If the drive thru register is down but the register inside works, then why can't they use the register inside for drive thru sales. The drive thru is not very busy at 7:30am when I come thru each week. This location is losing sales due to poor customer service through the drive through. I spent approximately $5.00 at least once or twice a week which doesn't seem like a lot of money but if this happens to multiple customers, these lost sales could add up.

Resolution would be to make sure drive thru is operational at all times and not have this reoccurring issue in the future.

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