Burger Kingopen times

D Oct 09, 2019

Your website states 530a however the times on the door states 6am and once the doors are open there are no workers. One of the workers had to tell us there was no cook and the workers come whenever they wish. How can you run an establishment where you are supposed to be running starting at 6am and you have no one. It is not the first time this has happened. Customer service is horrible at this location. The food tastes like the oil hasn't been changed in days. Went in and they had no toppings for the food as well as no nuggets in which they were not to receive shipment till a few days from what I overheard and the workers were happy as they could close early. That is not proper customer service as this location is in a well trafficked area and people expect great service and everyone is just being nonchalant. This location needs to be seriously looked at and reimaged as you will lose a lot of clientele for the poor service.

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