Burger Kingmanager at this location

R Dec 02, 2019

I would give this location zero stars if I could. Probably first time posting a bad review for a restaurant. But it's unbelievable how I was just treated by the manager Kelly. I have been brushing off her rude behavior in the past. I ordered for drive thru through their app and got charged. Upon getting there I saw the drive-thru was closed. Which is ok, things happen. But I call the location and tell them I had two sick kids in the car not appropriately dressed as we were not planning on stepping out and that was why I ordered for drive-thru. Manager was extremely rude and told me I had no choice but to come out with my kids or lose my money. They could have sent someone out or worked with me to give me a refund or least of all not be rude at least. Absolutely ridiculous! Piece of advice, If you're a bit of a jerk..don't work in retail

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