Burger King holland Mi 49424pay/hrs were scrubbed

M Oct 08, 2019

So I worked there for three weeks and three days, and when I quit I was missing a 56 Hours of pay, An entire week of pay w over time.
Manager says I only worked ther 2weeks and 3days butt w/Bk they hold a check back and pay every 2weeks sooo.. If ur thinking about seeking work there HEADS Up..
My pay was loaded on my card monday after the wednesday I quit. Never the less 56hrs short butt doent the alone employ 1mounth from time of start... 2222Booot...
The scrubed a week b4 my last, Leaving a paper and date trail soo kinda sloppy for a scam arttist. It's a private owned store and it's taking corpprit alil long to deal w the issue but Who just let a 56hrs pay go as a unfortunate blooper.

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