Burger Kingentire experience over six months period

F Dec 06, 2019

I have been a long time Burger King customer. Always enjoyed your products over the other brands. However, since moving to Vero Beach Florida six months ago, I have now stopped trying to buy food at the Burger Kings here. This morning was the last straw.

Both properties are filthy, outside and inside. Not just poorly maintained, but FILTHY. They are also understaffed - always long lines. When questioning long waits, employees are nasty and rude. "I'm here all by myself" is heard at both locations when drive-thru wait is very long. This has happened several times over six months.

I suggest you send a Secret Shopper, use the drive-thru and order for yourself. Either location, any time of day. Look at the dirt and filth on the outside of the building, the drive-up windows, all over the walls, trash in the driveway. Even the glass window itself is dirty. It makes one question whether the food served is safe. It is not hard to spray some windex and clean a window once a day.

This is not what corporate level executives should expect from a franchisee. This franchisee is under-investing, not paying attention to details, possibly absentee. BK corporate needs to take a close look.

Please give this matter the attention it deserves.

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