Burger Kingdouble charged and would not give my money back!

L Oct 06, 2019 Review updated:

This has been one of my worst experiences ever!!

I won't ever use my debit card at this location!! I took my family to lunch at the gainesville location they doubled charged me for my family's meal which was not on my receipt. I called and and with no success of anyone answered phone I went back to the restaurant
And I took my bank statements to the supervisor that was there at the time told the cashier I was speaking to tell me to come back tomorrow which I did and then I came back the next day and spoke to rosa which she said she could not give me money back and she told me this happens quite often and so did the cashier that I spoke to once I drove 30 minutes to get my money back. My $32 meal ended up being $64, this occurred on 9/28 and i'm still waiting to get my money back and it is now 10/6!

Rosa the supervisor told me she had to speak to the manager in order to get my money back due to it being a cc order she couldn't take the funds from the register because she would come up short. I asked why it was ok for you all to take additional money from my account which caused me to come up short but you can't give me my money which was clearly taken without authorization to do so???

She apologized and said she would have eric call me. When eric called me back on the following tuesday at 6pm, this eric character was was rude and clearly unprofessional telling my I need to dispute it with my cc company!!

I've been a business owner myself and I would never do this to my customers!!

So very rude and not recommended to anyone!!!

Burger King
Burger King
Burger King


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      Oct 06, 2019

    For a former 'business owner', you either did a terrible job or have no idea how credit cards work.

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  •   Oct 06, 2019

    You have to contest it with your credit card company.

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