Buffalo Wild Wingstuesday special pick up order chicken wings

De Oct 01, 2019

I place an order @ 3:41. The girl said it will be ready in 15min. I got there @ 4:20 my order was not ready or being cook. There was not really anybody there and the rack where they keep pick up orders @ was empty. So I already know something was wrong. The girl that took my order went to the back twice than came back talking about it will take 10 more min. My order was not even put in. I didn't have time to wait so I left. That's the reason why I call it in so I will not have to wait. I call back and ask to speak with the manager twice never came to the phone. So I tried again call the order in the girl who pick up said it will be a 1:30 wait time now so bad customer service.

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