Buffalo Wild Wingswhole experience on veterans day

C Nov 11, 2019 Review updated:

2 hours elapsed. Our service and experience was horrible all together. There was one bartender through the whole restaurant. My food order was wrong and my wife's food was cold. When asking for new silverware and to fix my order we were met with attitude. Response times were extremely slow and turn around time after requesting items was inadequate. By far the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant or any Buffalo Wild Wings I've been to. Horrible Veterans Day dinner. 15/10 would not recommend


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      Nov 11, 2019

    Im very sorry to hear of the poor experience you and your wife had at their restaurant. Busy or not, it's no excuse to have an attitude towards a customer, regardless. You being upset is a given in that situation and they should've handled it better.

    With that being said, if they're unable to provide the service you deserve the most effective action you can take is to vote with your wallet. I'm certain another restaurant will happily accomodate you if they aren't able to restore your faith and bring you back.

    In your shoes I would never go back there to be honest.

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