Buffalo Wild Wingsterrible service

M Nov 25, 2019 Review updated:

My wife and I came here to eat this past Sunday around 7:30 PM. It was not overly busy as there were several empty tables. That being said it appeared to be quite understaffed as it took several minutes to be seated and another 15-20 minutes before ever seeing our waitress. My first question to our server was "do you all have any drink specials going on?" (I had not received a drink menu). She clearly had no idea. Found the menu and stated that the only beer special was tall bud light or Budweiser draft for $3. I ordered a bud light, they were out. Waitress asked if I'd rather have a coors or Miller lite instead. I said sure, I'll take a miller lite. Then while ordering food I had to physically point to the menu to show her what "crema" was bc I did not want that on my nachos. She was either starting her first day on the job or extremely undertrained. We proceed to eat and I end up ordering two more beers. Tall miller lite. I get up to go use the restroom and notice a flyer on the table next to us for $5 and $9 pitchers of beer. So I come back and ask her about the pitchers. "Is this deal going on right now?" I say. Yes, she replies, did you want a pitcher. Well not now, I'm about to leave... though this would have been the most economical choice in the beginning. So we get the check and I notice that the 3 miller lite drafts were $5.25 each, not $3. I'm too frustrated and the lack of professionalism to say anything about it but my wife asks. "Ma'am, weren't these beers supposed to be $3?" She says, "oh no that's only for bud light not miller lite". "But you're out of bud light." Yes, she says. "Oh... okay?
So one plate of nachos, a small traditional wing and 2 sides of fries with 3 beers was $52. This is insane.

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