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J Jul 13, 2019 Review updated:

Went in for lunch, 12:30pm, Friday, July 12. One server available at lunch hour.
Waited 20 minutes with no one coming to our table. Went to the bar to see if the bartender could help. They took our drink order, but said we would need the server to talk our food order. Waited another 15 mintues before server arrived. Said that they were short staff today and wait would be a while. Really! No "sorry for the wait", or "sorry we are short staffed, but will get your order in quickly". Our office is located about a block away and we frequent this BWW often, especially as a group after work hours. Never experienced this. Had a hostess at the front who told us to seat yourself anywhere, which was fine, but why could she have not jumped in to help with taking orders.


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    Sulphur7 Jul 13, 2019

    They were short-staffed, i.e. short on cooks and possibly servers. Having the hostess jump in to take orders is not going to make an overwhelmed and understaffed kitchen perform any better.

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 13, 2019

    Gosh, you had to wait for a server. Life must be so difficult for you. It’s not right that the cleaning staff didn’t go to the kitchen and cook to help out. And the hostess who was trained to seat people didn’t jump in to be a server??

    Delusions of grandeur is your diagnosis.

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