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I Mar 31, 2019 Review updated:

I ordered online a meal to feed my family my husband went and picked it up and it was horrible my daughter was upset because they forgot her drink and instead if give her sweet bbq wings as I ordered gave her a sweet sauce with spice and she us 4 so she does not like spice my husband was upset because we ordered a basket of fries and got it in a kids to go box and the fries were not even filled halfway on top of that my husband ordered medium Buffalo wings and garlic parmesan I requested specifically for them to not be touching each other and they were I could not eat them because the hot sauce was flooded below onto the parmesan wings also I ordered 4 dipping ranchs to eat our wings with and got none! I don't understand how hard it is to read a list specifically because we did it online and to fulfill that order without mistakes. $30 plus dollars of food gone to the trash because someone couldn't read what was specified.


  •   Mar 31, 2019

    So perhaps you (or whoever placed the order should go and collect it. That's the best way to make sure you get what you ordered or close to it if they ran out of whatever.

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  •   Mar 31, 2019

    A four year old should not be eating bbq chicken wings, like at all. Your husband forgot to remind them of the drinks he was to pick up.

    Seriously, I cannot make heads or tails of this complaint because you bounce around like a super ball.

    But seriously, your husband should have known what you all ordered and had a list to read off and check off as he saw them in the bag or box.

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  •   Mar 31, 2019

    You threw it all away. The fries were fine but not filled up so you tossed them. The wings touched each other— wing abuse — but you didn’t ask for them packed separately, just not touching. Perhaps if you clearly stated your requests, the order would have been correct. You chose to dump everything rather than returning and complaining.

    Harvard grads

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