[Resolved] Budget Suites of Americareturning my taxes

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When i first moved in i was told after 5 weeks of staying at budget i would recieve my taxes that i paid for room back that it would take 8 weeks after that because it comes from corporate office. Well its been more than 8 weeks after that time and i havent received my check.. I went into office like 5 times to see what was going on they said a couple of times that it takes a little while sometimes some come in a little later, then said for me to come back when a certain person that does this paper work was there to find out more. So i went in next day to speak with this girl and she told me she would have to look into it more that she didnt see any paperwork on it. Later that day she calls and leaves a message saying she wasnt really sure what happen to my paperwork but that she talked to corporate and that it would be rushed.. That was on a Friday i went in on monday since i didnt get to talk to her when she called and she said that corporate was behind and she didnt know when i would be receiving my check but since she spoke with corporate that it wouldnt take the whole 8 weeks.. Honestly i know they misplaced my paperwork and just submitted it on friday . which is wrong because just like yall want yalls money for rent when it is due we want our money when it is owed to us. I was depending on that money to pay my rent. Now i have been locked out of my room have to pay late fees just because someone lost my paper work.. Its wrong how i get locked out because yall want yalls rent but yall cant seem to give me my money that is mine..

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    Nothing has been resolved another week has gone by and i havent received my money back from the taxes that are owed back to me. Had to pay 75 extra dollars for being late on rent. Late bc i was depending on the money that was owed to me. Now its rent time again still havent received my money so now im locked out of my room till i pay it.. Thats not right.. Since budget owes me

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  • Na
      Jul 28, 2019

    You should make a call to their corporate office and put all your requests for your money in writing and then report them to BBB.

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  • Fe
      Sep 05, 2019

    I am having the exact same problem. The same thing has happened to me almost word for word. Its been 4 months and still nothing. This is wrong

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  • Ca
      Sep 16, 2019

    Same thing. Budget suites promises your tax money back, they sell you on it, promote it, show you how you will save money etc. In my case I stayed and they reduced my rent by the tax amount but after moving out, never got the tax refund amount. Now I know why they dont apply it to your rent, because they never give it back. After putting us off for weeks, they finally stated that we did not fill out an intent to vacate form so we dont get it back. I am suing them. This was the Lewisville Texas Budget Suites of America. This is there scam, ripoff, fraud. They lie, we have it tape recorded so screw them.

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