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No Sep 29, 2019

I lived here since January and have been charged for a microwave ive never recurved, paying for a phone that has never worked and haven't received a new one (several calls to office)
Ive spent MANY days cleaning up trash that was scattered ALL OVER the court yard, pool area when I took my kids swimming, and I front of all the doors on my side of the building that was trashed by all the UNSUPERVISED children running a muck all over the place. (Have been thanked by many residents and security guards) On 7/12/2019 I came home from work and the floor was flooded due to the AC unit leaking excessively on the floor. Nasty black/brown water that would cover your feet. After many calls to office a maintenance man came, emptied out the ac unit and left with the floor flooded. Took me hours to soak up all the water and 4 days for it to dry with my fan pointed at the floor. 2 days later it was flooded again but this time worse to where my daughter slipped and slid across the kitchen into the bathroom from the water spreading into the hard floor. In desperation I paid a handy man to check out my ac unit, he pulled it out and said it needed to be replaced, the mold was INSANE! The whole wall underneath it is rotted!! Many calls to office, floor remains flooded.
I was staying there while I was waiting for the home I bought to be ready. After some unexpected expenses for our new home i knew I needed to move out of budget and make other arrangements for the next couple days (bc my home would be ready) I came home from work with boxes and the room was locked. EVERYTHING I OWN is in that room. They put a notice on my door saying that I needed to move out within 48 hrs or they will file with justice of the peace. But they wouldn't let me move out, now each day all my stuff is in there, they are charging me late fees (that they're telling me I have to pay in order to get all my stuff out!!!) so now I called and asked them for the court date... they said they haven't filed... so now I'm confused??? They are threatening me that I have to pay to get my stuff out, or they're throwing it away, but had the notice on my door telling me to get my stuff out or they're going to justice of the peace??? (Police department said legally they cannot touch our stuff until the court date)
I obviously don't have the money to pay (or else I would have paid the rent so we can move out and clean out the room) but they want me to get my stuff out... but won't let me get my stuff out without paying???? I guess I just have to call the police for a civil stand by... this all could've been avoided by just letting me move out! There was NO way I could've left work early to do this (yes I called them and told them when I would be there, they said it's fine) but when I got there they locked my door!!!

Budget Suites of America
Budget Suites of America
Budget Suites of America

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