Budget Suites of Americamanager wrongfully withholding security deposit return

A Sep 29, 2019 Review updated:

My husband and I moved in April 2016, stayed till May 2019. We were never happy there. The manager Marcus Grogan is withholding the security deposit return that is owed to my husband and I. He stated that he's not going to pay it because when my husband & I left in May 2019, he erroneously claims that we left the unit dirty and that we also left garbage bags in it. We have pictures proving that his claim is false but he never replies back to our faxes. The unit has always had a problem with black mold that was never taken care of by management, despite the serious health hazards black mold presents. When we first moved in, the toilet was already broken, with a crack that leaked (assuming) tank water. The tiles in the kitchen were already crumbling, the dresser had broken drawers (they were finally fixed in April 2019). The manager also insisted on charging us the weekly fees for a TV we kept putting in work orders to remove since we had our own. We never got a refund for the charges even though we constantly requested to have it remived, and it's listed on the receipt as an OPTION a tenant can choose to have. Which adds up to $1558.44! And now he's wrongfully withholding the return for the security deposit! An additional $300!


  •   Sep 29, 2019

    Instead of typing your complaint online, you should take your landlord to Small Claims Court.

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