Bruce Hardwood Flooringthe floor is coming up


In February of 2017 I had Bruce Hardwood Floor professionally installed in my home I purchased the flooring at Home Depot and they recommended one of their installers. About six weeks ago, I noticed the floor was starting to buckle up first in one spot now in several spots the entire first floor of my home had the hardwood put down. I contacted installer he immediately came and seems to feel it is flooring. We then went to Home Depot they filed a complaint with Bruce flooring one month ago. I immediately received a call from a company in Georgia saying they handled complaints and would assign my case to a representative in my area they advised me if I didn't hear from anyone to call them in one week. After one week I didn't hear from anyone called them back and was told they are having trouble finding someone to come out and the owner was out on an inspection they would call me back no word as of yet and that was six days ago. The installer then returned to Home Depot twice and is being told that Bruce hardwood flooring is not returning their phone calls This floor needs to be either replaced or repaired it is eight months old

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