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This law firm is engaging in deceptive business practices. Brookstone Law is a front group for Hartford Dunn and a bunch of other law firms and loan mod shops that have F rating with the BBB or have been shut down by FTC. The service is horrible. Once you sign up, you can not get people on the phone or to return your emails. They are even ignoring people whose homes are being foreclosed on. This freaks people out and worse yet could lead to them loosing their house. They change business addresses, phone numbers and attorneys to try to hide who they are. This website has lots of info on the people behind the organization:


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    Brookstone Law, PC Aug 13, 2015
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    AUTHOR: BROOKSTONE LAW - (United States of America)
    SUBMITTED: Monday, August 10, 2015

    A Superior Court Judge decided ( in favor of Brookstone Law PC in its lawsuit against Attorney Processing Center (APC), Mr. Gary DiGriolamo, Mr. Chris Yanelli, and individuals associated with the affiliates and Non-Attorney “Ambassadors” of Kramer & Kaslow, K2 Law, Matt Davis, Esq., and Mass Litigation Associates, who were involved an illegal Internet-based information campaign against Brookstone Law PC. Brookstone Law hired a renowned Forensic Internet Detective to identify IP addresses and sources of the false and defamatory postings and successfully connected them to the defendants who were the sources of the defamatory posts. The decision provides a temporary restraining order, preliminary and permanent injunctions, punitive and compensatory damages and fees against DiGirolamo, APC and its employees. Brookstone Law PC is determined to continue to protect itself and its name with legal action against those who act to harm the Brookstone brand and will aggressively defend against any campaigns of false and defamatory negative Internet postings and similar actions. – Brookstone Law, PC
    All current and future Brookstone Law clients should please note that this is a Mass Tort Lawsuit. Mass Tort Lawsuits were created by the Courts to allow consumers to take on large entities at an affordable rate. Because lawsuits against large entities take millions of dollars to litigate, which the average person simply cannot afford, the Mass Tort approach gives consumers a way to hold large entities such as banks accountable for wrong doing.

    It is also important to note that Mass Tort Lawsuits are not individual lawsuits and can consist of more than 4000 plaintiffs, so there is not a lot of one-on-one involvement with the litigating attorneys as in the case of an individual lawsuit. For that reason, Brookstone Law distributes updates by email and on its website and has a dedicated customer service support staff to answer questions and provide updates. In the case of Mass Tort litigation against large banks, Brookstone has made a substantial investment in creating the best legal team to fight for consumers against the large banks. It is understandable that some clients want as much communication as possible on these important matters and Brookstone Law is working constantly to ensure our clients are as up to date as possible on their cases.

    Making these types of lawsuits affordable to average consumers does not cover the full cost of comprehensive and successful litigation, and Brookstone Law has spent many years and significant resources taking on the biggest banks in the US on behalf of its clients. Brookstone Law is always working to achieve the most effective communications possible with clients in these cases and achieve the results they deserve.

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    Vicky Cruel Apr 24, 2015
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    I entered into a mass joinder lawsuit with Brookstone in the case of Wright vs. Bank of America in early 2011, and I paid $6, 000 up front as a retainer fee, and I have been bamboozle every since. They initially stated to me that I wouldn't have my house taken from me as long as it was implicated in a law suit and that they would file a lis pendens noticed, informing the public that a lawsuit is pending, but they never did. I tried on many occasions to have the lis pendens notice executed but no one would help me and the representative I initially spoke to was, supposedly, no longer working for the company. They took my $6, 000 dollars, my house was foreclosed, but I remained a litigant in the case.

    In 2013, an appeal was needed to continue with the case, and I was told that in order for me to remain in the case, I would have to enter a new agreement outlining the term and payments of the appeal matter and, I was elaborately convinced of this elaborate story on how they believed they had merits in the case and supportive case studies that could win them the case. I was convinced and entered in to the "Appeal Agreement" to pay an initial $250.00 and $60 a month until the appeal action was completed.

    Well, the appeal decision was victorious and we won the appeal. However, now Brookstone Law is asking me to pay $250.00 dollars a month that I was "already" paying or I will be dropped from the case.

    My problem is that I was never "already" paying Brookstone anything, beside the upfront retainer fee at the beginning ($6, 000), until the Appeal. I paid the $60 through the duration of the Appeal, so what are these people talking about, now. They are trying to squeeze another $250 a month (out of me) through the duration of the case, as it goes back to Superior Count of Orange County. Why aren't thing back to where they were before they fought the appeal. Why, now are they attempting to get more money out of me. I am being threaten to be drop from the case, after they have taken my money for almost 2 years, when I was told that it would only take 5- 8 months in the appeal action.

    My take on this law firm is that they how found a cash cow and is milking it dry. It is extortion for them to threaten to drop me from a case that I paid a retainer fee to join, if I don't pay them $250 a month.

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  • Lo
    Lorena1983 Nov 26, 2014

    Brookstone Law on 18831 Von Karmen is a complete Scam. Once they got my father's money they didn't reply to any emails or phone calls. Their phone numbers were disconnected, then we rushed to the office just to find that there was an eviction notice at the firm from 11/13/14 and it was abandoned. My father started the process in September 2014. I wish I would have looked into them before he did everything on his own. They were supposed to do a loan modification for my father's house who's in foreclosure and they were also supposed to be filling a law suit against BOA. They did nothing but take my father's money and ran with it.

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    john Apr 14, 2011
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    Well looky here! You are all over posting this all over the web! (lol) Just like a troll who is working!
    I do have to admit……. the one who said "Crookstone law" did make me laugh (tongue in cheek) Even I have to admire that wit (lol)
    My name is blah, blah, blah AND I JUST FOUGHT BACK!
    John Wright

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  • Go
    Gov does it for FREE! Apr 14, 2011

    Well looky looky -the government did it for free:

    Gov't orders 14 lenders to reimburse homeowners

    Looks like Vito and Kutzner's $5, 895 a pop theft-ride is over! WOOHOO!!!

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    john Mar 27, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am someone :)
    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!
    John Wright

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  • Receive a Mailer for a Mass Joinder case against your lender, or been solicited in any way about Mass Joinder suit versus your lender?

    Please Contact the California Bar Association

    "We are interested in anyone who has been solicited to join the mass joinder cases. Even better, would be people who actually paid money to these organizations." - California Bar Association

    Brookstone Law Mass Joinder Complaint Hotline: [protected]
    or [protected] (outside California)

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    CrookStone Busted Mar 27, 2011

    Scam Alert everybody - these guys are pitching everyone that they can eliminate your mortgage or reduce it to 80% of value - what a crock. Read what the California Department of Real Estate has to say about their wonderful lawsuit or go to this link:

    California Department of Real Estate
    By Wayne S. Bell
    Chief Counsel, California Department of Real Estate
    Claims Regarding Its Use to Avoid and/or Stop Foreclosure, Obtain Loan Principal
    Reduction, and to Let You Have Your Home “Free and Clear” of Any Mortgage).
    This alert is written to warn consumers about marketing companies, unlicensed entities,
    lawyers, and so-called attorney-backed, attorney-affiliated, and lawyer referral entities
    that offer and sell false hope and request the payment of upfront fees for so-called “mass
    joinder” or class litigation that will supposedly result in extraordinary home mortgage

    The California Department of Real Estate (“DRE” or “Department”) previously issued a
    consumer alert and fraud warning on loan modification and foreclosure rescue scams in
    California. That alert was followed by warnings and alerts regarding forensic loan audit
    fraud, scams in connection with short sale transactions, false and misleading
    designations and claims of special expertise, certifications and credentials in connection
    with home loan relief services, and other real estate and home loan relief scams.
    The Department continues to administratively prosecute those who engage in such fraud
    and to work in collaboration with the California State Bar, the Federal Trade
    Commission, and federal, State and local criminal law enforcement authorities to bring
    such frauds to justice.
    On October 11, 2009, Senate Bill 94 was signed into law in California, and it became
    effective that day. It prohibited any person, including real estate licensees and attorneys,
    from charging, claiming, demanding, collecting or receiving an upfront fee from a
    homeowner borrower in connection with a promise to modify the borrower’s residential
    loan or some other form of mortgage loan forbearance.
    Senate Bill 94’s prohibitions seem to have significantly impacted the rampant fraud that
    was occurring and escalating with respect to the payment of upfront fees for loan
    modification work.
    Also, forensic loan auditors must now register with the California Department of Justice
    and cannot accept payments in advance for their services under California law once a
    Notice of Default has been recorded. There are certain exceptions for lawyers and real
    estate brokers. 2
    On January 31, 2011, an important and broad advance fee ban issued by the Federal
    Trade Commission became effective and outlaws providers of mortgage assistance relief
    services from requesting or collecting advance fees from a homeowner.
    Discussions about Senate Bill 94, the Federal advance fee ban, and the Consumer
    Alerts of the DRE, are available on the DRE’s website at
    Lawyer Exemption from the Federal Advance Fee Ban --
    The advance fee ban issued by the Federal Trade Commission includes a narrow and
    conditional carve out for attorneys.
    If lawyers meet the following four conditions, they are generally exempt from the rule:
    1. They are engaged in the practice of law, and mortgage assistance relief is part of
    their practice.
    2. They are licensed in the State where the consumer or the dwelling is located.
    3. They are complying with State laws and regulations governing the “same type of
    conduct the [FTC] rule requires”.
    4. They place any advance fees they collect in a client trust account and comply with
    State laws and regulations covering such accounts. This requires that client funds
    be kept separate from the lawyers' personal and/or business funds until such time
    as the funds have been earned.
    It is important to note that the exemption for lawyers discussed above does not allow
    lawyers to collect money upfront for loan modifications or loan forbearance services,
    which advance fees are banned by the more restrictive California Senate Bill 94.
    But those who continue to prey on and victimize vulnerable homeowners have not given
    up. They just change their tactics and modify their sales pitches to keep taking
    advantage of those who are desperate to save their homes. And some of the frauds
    seeking to rip off desperate homeowners are trying to use the lawyer exemption above to collect
    advance fees for mortgage assistance relief litigation.
    This alert and warning is issued to call to your attention the often overblown and
    exaggerated “sales pitch(es)” regarding the supposed value of questionable
    “Mass Joinder” or Class Action Litigation.
    Whether they call themselves Foreclosure Defense Experts, Mortgage Loan Litigators,
    Living Free and Clear experts, or some other official, important or impressive sounding
    title(s), individuals and companies are marketing their services in the State of California
    and on the Internet. They are making a wide variety of claims and sales pitches,
    and offering impressive sounding legal and litigation services, with quite
    extraordinary remedies promised, with the goal of taking and getting some of your
    money. 3
    While there are lawyers and law firms which are legitimate and qualified to handle
    complex class action or joinder litigation, you must be cautious and BEWARE. And
    certainly check out the lawyers on the State Bar website and via other means, as
    discussed below in Section III.
    A. What are the Claims/Sales Pitches?
    They are many and varied, and include:
    1. You can join in a mass joinder or class action lawsuit already filed against your
    lender and stay in your home. You can stop paying your lender.
    2. The mortgage loans can be stripped entirely from your home.
    3. Your payment obligation and foreclosure against your home can be stopped when
    the lawsuit is filed.
    4. The litigation will take the power away from your lender.
    5. A jury will side with you and against your lender.
    6. The lawsuit will give you the leverage you need to stay in your home.
    7. The lawsuit may give you the right to rescind your home loan, or to reduce your
    8. The lawsuit will help you modify your home loan. It will give you a step up in the
    loan modification process.
    9. The litigation will be performed through “powerful” litigation attorney
    10. Litigation attorneys are “turning the tables on lenders and getting cash settlements
    for homeowners”.
    In one Internet advertisement, the marketing materials say, “the damages sought in your
    behalf are nothing less than a full lien strip or in otherwords [sic] a free and clear house if
    the bank can’t produce the documents they own the note on your home. Or at the very
    least, damages could be awarded that would reduce the principal balance of the note on
    your home to 80% of market value, and give you a 2% interest rate for the life of the
    B. Discussion.
    Please don’t be fooled by slick come-ons by scammers who just want your money. Some
    of the claims above might be true in a particular case, based on the facts and evidence
    presented before a Court or a jury, or have a ring or hint of truth, but you must carefully
    examine and analyze each and every one of them to determine if filing a lawsuit against
    your lender or joining a class or mass joinder lawsuit will have any value for you and your
    situation. Be particularly skeptical of all such claims, since agreeing to participate in 4
    such litigation may require you to pay for legal or other services, often before any legal
    work is performed (e.g., a significant upfront retainer fee is required).
    The reality is that litigation is time-consuming (with formal discovery such as
    depositions, interrogatories, requests for documents, requests for admissions,
    motions, and the like), expensive, and usually vigorously defended. There can be
    no guarantees or assurances with respect to the outcome of a lawsuit.
    Even if a lender or loan owner defendant were to lose at trial, it can appeal, and the
    entire process can take years. Also, there is no statistical or other competent data
    that supports the claims that a mass joinder and class action lawsuit, even if
    performed by a licensed, legitimate and trained lawyer(s), will provide the
    remedies that the marketers promise.
    There are two other important points to be made here:
    First, even assuming that the lawyers can identify fraud or other legal violations
    performed by your lender in the loan origination process, your loan may be owned by an
    investor – that is, someone other than your lender. The investor will most assuredly
    argue that your claims against your originating lender do not apply against the investor
    (the purchaser of your loan). And even if your lender still owns the loan, they are not
    legally required, absent a court judgment or order, to modify your loan or to halt the
    foreclosure process if you are behind in your payments. If they happen to lose the
    lawsuit, they can appeal, as noted above. Also, the violations discovered may be minor
    or inconsequential, which will not provide for any helpful remedies.
    Second, and very importantly, loan modifications and other types of foreclosure relief are
    simply not possible for every homeowner, and the “success rate” is currently very low in
    California. This is where the lawsuit marketing scammers come in and try to convince
    you that they offer you “a leg up”. They falsely claim or suggest that they can guarantee
    to stop a foreclosure in its tracks, leave you with a home “free and clear” of any
    mortgage loan(s), make lofty sounding but hollow promises, exaggerate or make bold
    statements regarding their litigation successes, charge you for a retainer, and leave you
    with less money.
    (Know Who You Are or May Be Dealing With) - Do Your Own Homework (Avoid
    The Traps Set by the Litigation Marketing Frauds).
    Before entering into an attorney-client relationship, or paying for “legal” or litigation
    services, ascertain the name of the lawyer or lawyers who will be providing the services.
    Then check them out on the State Bar's website, at Make certain
    that they are licensed by the State Bar of California. If they are licensed, see if they have
    been disciplined. 5
    Check them out through the Better Business Bureau to see if the Bureau has received
    any complaints about the lawyer, law firm or marketing firm offering the services (and
    remember that only lawyers can provide legal services). And please understand that this
    is just another resource for you to check, as the litigation services provider might be so
    new that the Better Business Bureau may have little or nothing on them (or something
    positive because of insufficient public input).
    Check them out through a Google or related search on the Internet. You may be
    amazed at what you can and will find out doing such a search. Often consumers
    who have been scammed will post their experiences, insights, and warnings long
    before any criminal, civil or administrative action has been brought against the
    Also, ask them lots of specific, detailed questions about their litigation experience, clients
    and successful results. For example, you should ask them how many mortgage-related
    joinder or class lawsuits they have filed and handled through settlement or trial. Ask
    them for pleadings they have filed and news stories about their so-called successes. Ask
    them for a list of current and past “satisfied” clients. If they provide you with a list, call
    those people and ask those former clients if they would use the lawyer or law firm again.
    Ask the lawyers if they are class action or joinder litigation specialists and ask them what
    specialist qualifications they have. Then ask what they will actually do for you (what
    specific services they will be providing and for what fees and costs). Get that in writing,
    and take the time to fully understand what the attorney-client contract says and what the
    end result will be before proceeding with the services. Remember to always ask for and
    demand copies of all documents that you sign.
    Mortgage rescue frauds are extremely good at selling false hope to consumers in trouble
    with regard to home loans. The scammers continue to adapt and to modify their
    schemes as soon as their last ones became ineffective. Promises of successes through
    mass joinder or class litigation are now being marketed.
    Please be careful, do your own diligence to protect yourself, and be highly suspect if
    anyone asks you for money up front before doing any service on your behalf. Most

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  • Vi
    Vito the puppet Mar 26, 2011

    Vito's back for more bull! Funny that he doesn't get it. But, I guess most puppets wouldn't. Just ask Mr. Sean Rutledge. Poor Sean if only he didn't have Damian Kutzner as his puppet "master" maybe he would have had stood a chance. Instead he is just more wreckage in the Damian Kutzner wake. Won't be long before Vito is along side him scrambling for a buoy. Kicking and flailing until well, you the people know how this one goes. This is why you should not to drugs Vito. Everyone else knows what's coming but you, sad.

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  • Br
    Brookstone Law PR Mar 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please be aware that people continue to use anonymous negative postings on the Internet to defame Brookstone Law, PC, and its attorneys and staff. They are posing as alleged clients or alleged potential clients and these claims are wholly untrue fabrications intended only to harm the public and impair our ability to serve our current and potential clientele.

    The posted accusations are false statements created to try to prohibit Brookstone Law from helping homeowners. Brookstone Law is not affiliated in any way with the organizations or individuals we believe are posting these false statements, including K2 Law, Matt Davis, Esq., or Mass Litigation Alliance, and their affiliates, associates and Ambassadors. Please also note these posts are not from clients of Brookstone Law, PC. In fact, positive unsolicited endorsements of our services from Brookstone Law PC clients may be found on our website at Information from Brookstone Law regarding these false and defamatory postings is here: If you are a client of Brookstone Law, PC, please contact us with any questions at the phone number or email address below.

    We welcome any legitimate comments or inquiries about Brookstone Law, PC, its attorneys, staff or services and will gladly and personally respond to them. For immediate assistance or information, please contact our Consumer Protection Department at [protected] or at [email protected]

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  • Br
    Brookstone Scam Mar 21, 2011

    Let's face it, Damian Kutzner knows that this "Brookstone Law" place is just like EVERY other "endeavor"/scam that he (Damian Kutzner) has ever controlled. This means that he already knows that this thing called Brookstone Law/ULG gets shut down. So knowing this just like with United Law Group the money is already out the door and nesting in another company that he and another puppet attorney will roll into next. Minus, of course, Vito and his Bar License. Damian cannot by law own or operate pretty much any firm that uses telephones to solicit clients that is why they keep his name off of everything, but everyone inside Brookstone knows that he is the one running the show in this new scam operation. Long - short: the only way to get your money out of Brookstone Law or any company under Damian Kutzner's control is- NOT TO PUT IT IN!

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  • Br
    Brookstone's Bull Mar 21, 2011

    What a load of bull Vito! You know that both you and MANY of your employees have MUCH to do with the ULG actions. Does the press announcement announcing you as an attorney representing United Law Group Clients not ring a bell? You ARE COMPLETELY FULL OF IT! Are you out of your mind! Everything you wrote it is a lie to shift the blame from the fact that you've been exposed Vito.

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  • Th
    THE SOURCE Mar 20, 2011

    RE: This website has lots of info on the people behind the organization:
    ...CONSIDER THE SOURCE : a site that BOASTS ….” If you still want to take a run at me legally, send me a nastygram or a cease and desist letter, then you should contact the lawyer”…”And if you’d like to find out what his favorite ammo or weapons are, you can…” SOURCE:
    I am a city boy so I don’t know much about ammo…
    but if you search the Bar Association Disciplinary Section you will find the NC Bar Assn. doesn’t really care either…
    Christopher W Livingston,’s lawyer

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  • The comment above by Peter Byslama in regards to: "A message from Vito Torchia, Jr. Managing Attorney of Brookstone Law PC" is pure nonsense.

    I have been struggling for the last couple of years to keep my home, I catch up and fall behind again on my mortgage and the economy is just not getting better for me. I have tried everything, to no avail. I started trying to work with my lender (WAMU now Chase) back in 2008. I attempted to work with Chase and grew frustrated that after one year of sending and resending paperwork and them losing they denied my modification. I was in the exact same position as when I first contacted them. After all the frustration of trying to work with them, I thought I had found the answer when I came across United Law Group. Anthony was very helpful at first and told me that they could help me. He took my information over the phone and "Qualified " me for a loan modification. He told me that I qualified, but after my experience with Chase on me to work with them I was skeptical at best. Anthony re-assured me and told me that the difference between "ULG" and others was that they were going to file a class action lawsuit against my lender and use that as leverage to modify my loan.

    HE SOLD ME, I paid my fee and that is when the nightmare started. after months of no return calls or emails I finally got a hold of someone. By this point I was looking for a refund, they told me that the reason I did not get a modification was that I had too much credit card debt and needed to enroll in "Debt Settlement", since I was mad at their lack of customer service, to "make it up to me" they would give me a discount on that service, that they also provided, they told me that they had addressed their issues and "moving forward" it would not happen again.

    I GOT SOLD AGAIN!!! A few months later I called to get an update, their phones were no longer working, panicking I went on line and found out that they had been raided by the FTC, FBI, the BAR, I found out that the major reason they got shut down is that they promised thousands of people (myself included) that they would sue my bank and NEVER FILED ONE CASE.

    Needless to say I am still in the same situation except I am out thousands of dollars and I am still struggling to make my mortgage payment. I am still trying to save my house, that is when I heard about Brookstone Law and that they were suing the banks. I contacted Brookstone and imagine my surprise when on the other end of the phone was familiar to me, It was Anthony!!

    The same person from ULG who I had first spoken to a year and a half earlier and never returned my calls while he was at ULG. I did a search of Brookstone Law and found out that it is the SAME PEOPLE AS ULG, THE SAME ATTORNEY (the one that did not get disbarred) and the same people orchestrating a new SCAM, with the same "master thief" Damian Kutzner behind ULG. I feel silly enough to have been fooled by them twice already. I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN! BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE!

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  • Br
    Brookstone Law PR Mar 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please be aware that people are using anonymous negative postings on the Internet to defame Brookstone Law, PC, and its attorneys and staff. They are posing as alleged clients or alleged potential clients and these claims are wholly untrue fabrications intended only to harm the public and impair our ability to serve our current and potential clientele. They are also allege that either I or Brookstone Law is somehow responsible for the actions of attorneys that use to work for a former client called United Law Group, Inc. Neither I nor anyone who works for Brookstone Law have anything to do with those actions.

    Due to the posting of Cease and Desist letters on the Philip Kramer, Esq. website, and the posting of similar warnings to consumers by attorney Mitchell J. Stein on his website, we believe individuals associated with the affiliates and Non-Attorney “Ambassadors” of Kramer & Kaslow, K2 Law, Matt Davis, Esq., or Mass Litigation Associates, are posting the defamatory comments on the Internet, where anonymous false accusations and defamatory slanders may be published without verification, proof or consequence.

    The posted accusations are false statements created to try to prohibit Brookstone Law from helping homeowners. Brookstone Law is not affiliated in any way with Kramer & Kaslow, K2 Law, Matt Davis, Esq., or Mass Litigation Associates, or their affiliates, associates and Ambassadors. Please also note these posts are not from clients of Brookstone Law, PC, and in fact, positive unsolicited endorsements of our services from our clients may be found on this website by clicking on the Real Estate/EED sidebar tab on the home page. We are dedicated to fighting for our clients and their rights and adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards in our work; we welcome any legitimate comments or inquiries about Brookstone Law, PC, its attorneys, staff or services and will gladly and personally respond to them. For immediate information, please contact our Consumer Protection Department at [protected] or at [email protected]

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