Brault et Martineau Grand Magasin / recliner sofa broken in 11 months, waiting from 2 months to get it repaired.

brault et martineau, Canada

The company is selling poor products to customer and not fulfilling there service as committed.

My recliner sofa motor stopped working in 11moths,

- I complained the company about same on 4th March.
They make big promises but when it comes to fulfill same, they failed badly.
- After multiple Follow ups and calls, they sent one technician to check the recliner, apparently motor was broken.So he took the motor.
- It took a month for them to file a report and get the motor, they told me that they got the motor on 12th of April( which I dont believe )
- Since that day I am calling, Mailing but no one yet came to fix the Sofa.

it wa 2700$ amount which seems to be wastage now. I am using broken sofa without any hope of getting it fixed and yet paying monthly installment. Next step is to file a case in consumer court and get some justice.

Brault et Martineau Grand Magasin

May 06, 2019

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