Bounty Modelsfraudulent agency

L Jul 13, 2019

Located on the 6th floor, 1601 vine street, LA 90028 is this terrible agency poorly run by Owner Victor Heliodor.

He has no qualifications no care for the rights and welfare of his clients. He doesn't even care if you have the right to work legally or illegally in US.

Models end up needing intervention from friends and family after they have been bled dry financial and physically from lots of pointless bottom end work.

This agency has been running for a few months only and is owned and run by Swedish born Victor Heliodor.

He doesn't care about Visa requirements or how the models are treated. Please investigate this man and his agency as many people have fallen victim to working for free or illegally in the US.

Must be avoided at all costs, a modern day poor excuse for a agency which clearly is a money making scheme for failed Model, owner and founder of Bounty Models, Victor Heliodor

fraudulent agency

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