Boston Scally Companyscally hats

Boston Scally Company misrepresents their products as being quality hats made out of wool, in the USA. They are in fact ill-fitting polyester hats of poor quality. They even use imitation leather. These same hats are sold on Amazon for less than $15. They use Rakuten as their distributor, which is a Japanese electronics company. I don't want anyone else to get scammed the way I did, hence this review. Also, if you wish to return your hat, they only give you 2/3 of your money back, as they charge you $10 to ship it to them, and you lose $10 by having it shipped to your home in the first place. The fact that the company is based in Hanover, PA should be a dead give away - Hanover being over 400 miles from Boston. Do yourself a favor and don't purchase a hat from this company. You'll thank me later.

Boston Scally Company

Oct 11, 2019

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