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Boston Medical Group Complaints & Reviews

Boston Medical Group / Patients treatment by the new york city "manager"

Victor Gorodischer on Dec 3, 2016
In 2015 I was forced to sign for a 12 months penis injection. The injection was supposed to be delivered to my address every two months paying in advance (I don't remember the amount I was required to pay, but it was well above $ 1, 000.00) including UPS shipping. I was supposed every...

Boston Medical Group / Medical care

PATIENT108 on Sep 12, 2016
I went to the Manhattan office to get help with an erection problem. All the wanted to do was sell me testosterone shots. I told him I wasn't interested in testosterone shots. They wanted $1000 for testosterone. Then they told me I need shots for my penis that would be another...

Boston Medical Group / Medical treatment

Reviewer82136 on Nov 2, 2015
I was a patient of this medical office - Boston medical group. I went to the office in garden city on long island. I kept calling to make an appointment and there was no answer. Then I spoke to main office in California. They said that office was closed. And I had to go to Manhattan or Nj...

Boston Medical Group / They owe me almost $3,000

Anonymousss. on Mar 29, 2014
I wouldn't recommend BMG for anyone. Hopefully a lot of people see this and don't commit the same mistake i did. Because the treatment cost almost $3, 000 and the medicine has NOT worked. They neglect our claims through the phone and don't help for anything. We've sent...

Boston Medical Group / Incomplete Information

Gossip on Feb 17, 2011
When you call the BMG and ask how much their treatment will cost, they tell you between $25 - $35 per dosage. This is true, but what they neglect to tell you is that the medicine MUST be purchased in bulk, starting at a 2 or 3 month supply for around $650. When you call an complain, they...

Boston Medical Group / Delay in shipment

I was told the trettment would be sent to my home in Louisiana on Oct. 8. When 10 am came and no word contacted Boston Medical and ask for a tracking number, was told they would send on to me via email. After 2 hours and nothing from Boston Medical I called again and was on hold for over...

Boston Medical Group / They charge a lot for little

Sleazy, is how I would put it. The ones who post positive must be written by the company. I don't know were to begin!! . I'm surprised they are still in business 'cos they lie from beginning to end. Everything that has been said previously I have also experienced. I went a...

Boston Medical Group / Expensive treatment for nothing

In their office, they Doctor gives you an injection for a temporary erection. You feel that you are convinced and excited and want to buy this over-priced rip-off formula of theirs which can be gotten for a fraction of the price from any urologist...just check on line. Then, try doing it...

Boston Medical Group / Scam

Very over priced for what it is. Worked for me; helped my self confidence a lot. Yes, bruising on your hoo-ha will occasionally happen, depending on the injection site. Was never painful. The process at the "doctor's" office felt very much like an assembly line. You go in, they inject...

Boston Medical Group / Bad service

It does not do what it was supposed to. Spent 800.00 for something that worked in the office however when you get it home it just plain don't work. Even after several trips to the Atlanta office and being told that they would help and make me a satisfied customer. Now the office i...

Boston Medical Group / Beware

I went to the boston group for treatment. The only treatment they offer is an injection in your ***; if one can not tolerate the injection because of pain etc; they will send you on your way. It is just a business to sell you injections which you have to buy in a 20 or more, chapest deal...

Boston Medical Group / Rip off

I have been taking this stuff for about 2 months now, with no results. They told me in the office it would take a while to work, however; the stuff in the office worked almost immidiatley. Even thou I followed the instructions to the tee, shots every other night, still no HO. After reading...

Boston Medical Group / Fraud alert

A plaintiff verdict of malpractice / fraud was handed down this week against the Boston Men's Health Center which runs Boston Medical Group – Georgia, Inc in the case # 07A7558 - John Henry Howard vs Boston Medical Group. The case was tried in the State Court of DeKalb County...

Boston Medical Group / Scam!

Went to BMG 3 times with no results. At the third office visit while waiting in their so-called private waiting rooms an irate customer came in and complained about his treatment and short of calling the cops they moved him out to the hallway but not after hearing the whole...

Boston Medical Group / Just be informed

My experience with Boston Medical Group left me with a feeling of being duped. Other talk about a "used car type" of sales pitch, and I can't agree more. Things that you need to know before going to BMG...They only have one form of treatment for everyone and it involves injecting an...

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