Bob Evans Restaurantsmy carryout order

I called in and placed a carry out order today, 10-11-19 around 11:20. I was told it would be ready in 40 minutes because they were busy. I waited the alotted time and left my work at 12:00 to get my order. When I got there I waited in line 10 minutes and when I finally got to the register they did not have my order. I spent my whole lunch break waiting on an order that was promised at the time I arrived. I understand waiting a little bit but after they had the order the 40 minutes they had me wait still did not have it ready. I was not offered an apology but instead had to keep waiting. I only ordered 3 fried eggs and an order of bacon, not a hard order. My bacon was burnt when I received it but I took it so I would not be late from lunch. Thank You for listening, Tammy Creekmore - [protected]

Oct 11, 2019

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