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I placed this order tonight online. When I went to pick it up, I had to wait 20 minutes longer than the order indicated. I was told they were frying the chicken and it would be fresh. When I got home, the chicken was WAY overcooked, burnt in places, and was absolutely horrible! It was dry inside and the skin was greasy. I have a hard time believing it was cooked fresh, in fact it looked old. If it was cooked recently, then it was cooked in old, darkened oil. We picked through it to find any meat worth eating, but we ended up throwing most of it away. Even our dog wouldn't eat it. The sides and rolls were fine, but the chicken was inedible. We live 30 mins away from this Bob Evans and it was too late for me to drive all the way back to return it.
I paid for this online with my credit card and even included a $7.00 tip even though I drove 30 mins each way to pick it up. This is not the first time I've had bad service and/or food at this Bob Evans, but I mistakenly gave them one last chance. I will not be eating here again. I'm very displeased with this location and would like my money back. Thank you, Lisa Shaw

225 Fort Evans Rd NE, Leesburg, VA 20176


Order # [protected]
Customer Name: Lisa Shaw
Customer Email: [protected]
Customer Contact Number: [protected]
Payment Method: Credit Card Visa x-4435

Order ready at 8:01 PM, TODAY (TUESDAY, 9/3/2019)

1 x Fried Chicken Picnic (1 x $49.99) = $49.99
1 x Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
1 x Chicken
1 x Green Beans with Ham
1 x Bob Evans Signature Cole Slaw
1 x 12 Biscuits
TAX $4.75
TIP $7.00


Order placed at 7:31 PM

Bob Evans Restaurants

Sep 03, 2019
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  •   Sep 04, 2019

    Looks terrible wow, probably should check ur order when handed to u living so far out for sure.

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