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Blazing Keywordsunauthorized charges

I responded to an ad online advertising some sort of work concerning Google that cost $1.97. I looked it over and was supposed to receive a package in the mail explaining how to get started. I received an e-mail from Blazing Keywords with trial account information. Nothing in the ad that I responded to mentioned this being a trial of any sort. My account was charged $1.99 and then a few days later, I received a phone call at 12:18 a.m. supposedly from this company wanting to verify my information for "security purposes". I hesitated and even asked them why they needed this information since the money had already been debited from my account. It was after midnight and I continued to listen to the caller. I couldn't understand a word that he was saying because he was speaking so fast. When he finished, he asked if I had any questions and I told him that I didn't understand anything that he said and I asked him if this was a trial that I would be charged for if I didn't cancel by a certain time. He said "yes" and I told him that I did not want the trial and that I was not authorizing any charges to come out of my account. That was May 28 and today, June 1, a charge for $72.21 showed up on my account that will come out on June 4. The phone number that was listed with the charge was not a legitimate number. I went back to my caller id and called the number that the midnight call had come from and it was a local cell phone number. The number had been "spoofed" to show up on my caller id - the call did not originate from that number. I have called my bank and they are working with me to recover my money. I also called the customer service number for the "Blazing Keywords" company that I made the $1.99 purchase from and requested that my "trial" with them be cancelled and told them what had happened and that I wanted the money returned to my account. I don't usually get fooled by this sort of thing, but it was after midnight and I was half-asleep! Learn a lesson from me - DON'T EVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE TO SOMEONE WHO CALLS YOU TO "VERIFY" SOMETHING!


  • Ka
    Karen Wiese May 29, 2009

    On 05/15/2009 I visited the Home Source work at home web site which was discussed on the Today show as being one of the more reputable firms with honest programs. So, I got brave and paid $1.97 plus $0.15 tax to down lo9ad the CD, which I did. The next thing I know, I got hit with a $39.95 monthly membership fee??? for what?? I only rodered the CD download. When I called, I found quite to my surprise that that cancellation generated FIVE cancellation confirmation e-mails. Today, I discovered another charge to may acount for Blazing Keywords, also connect4ed to the one CD purchase..$72.21 monthly membership for the Blazing Keywords Kit and support.
    I did not order this and I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING. I was given a cancellation number: [protected] with the assurance there would be no more charges; but they refused to refund the $72.21! Said I had to write to corporate at the above address. Where do I go from here? I see I have lots of company!!!


    Karen Wiese

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  • Cr
    Crissy May 29, 2009

    k ppl i tried to explain this and all the scams i have a blog on blogger its the last part of the blog on the bottom of the page, there i have explained to you about the scam, on my site i also have good ways to make money i have posted on on my page these are legit companies also you can find out some other sites i have posted that make money, but not a get rich scheme, i recommend the one i have posted on my page and like i said amazon has one that you can do also its free and all you have to do is put a lil time in it not gonna get rich quick but you can earn some extra money here is my site look at the last post which explains the google scam and tell every one you know about the scam here is my blog

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  • Dc
    dcollier May 29, 2009

    yep me too, same thing . one big Q on my part is how the hell did this Blazing keyword company get my CC number. Amazing that it still goes on. ### 3rd party wag around to get answers to lies .
    So I had to cancel my credit card and file a BBB complaint and a letter to the consumer protection agency.
    But that will not get me a refund either . Nor a stupid letter to a fake address in Utah.

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  • Dc
    dcollier May 29, 2009

    and we are supposed to love the USA . I'm a born citizen and am ashamed at the fraud. and we are powerless.

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  • Cr
    Crissy May 29, 2009

    the first thing you need to do is contact your bank, your bank is working for you they will contact the merchant and use there fraud protection team to help you most banks will charge back to your account while investigating, and they are savy to these schemes so dont be afraid to contact your bank and get the ball rolling, and like i said on my blog read the fine print they also hit you with other charges you dont know about, i researched this thoroughly so please i advise you contact your bank, you bank works for you, not you for them


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  • Cl
    C.Lewis Ritvalsky Jul 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was taken in by "Blazing Key Words" they in turn gave my information to Grant [protected]). I called and spoke with Carlos Alvares who is located in one of these third world countries.

    I have called and called and they are still in business stealing from more unsuspecting consumers and might I add where the h-ll is our government and what kind of protection do we consumers have.

    Yes before I forget Carlos told me he was located in Costa Rico. Why don't we pick a day and for 20-25 minutes blow their phone lines up with complaints?
    Thank you for the post .
    c.Lewis Ritvalsky (blog)

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  • Js
    j sutton Jul 22, 2009

    i hope that sum one is working on clamping down on this. i too have been scamed $72.21 and also couldn't understand what they were saying . i told them i wasn't interested by that time it was too late. i then realized the deduction from my account. i sent a letter of intent with a signiture required & a tracking # to the address given to me . it was refused then i sent a second w/ just a tracking # it was returned undeliverable . meanwhile i am out my money as well. some thing needs to be done. the government seems to have $ & time for everything how about this the enemies aren't in other countries there right here!

    thank you
    j sutton

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  • Vi
    Vicki Hoffpauir Aug 21, 2009

    Most recently I was reconciling my bank account and found that On Line Search and Adword--Blazing Keywords has been charging my account without authorization...I want my money to be refunded I have had to cancel my bank card and am sick of this mess

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  • Na
    Nattre Aug 24, 2009

    I just found an unauthorized charge for $72.21 on my account too. The promissed to refund the money. We'll see what happens. Blazing keywords is also connected to Credit security company and there is a good chance that you might have a membership with that company too. Call them and cancell [protected]

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  • Ho
    horseattraction Aug 31, 2009

    I too have been taken along with so many others...WHOM CAN WE CALL ABOUT THIS!!!

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  • Ap
    AprilMari Sep 21, 2009

    I have been charged for 4 months all different prices and I have never authorized them to go in to my account. They refuse to give you any service when I call the customer service number. They just keep telling me I should have read the fine print. I can't believe this is legal.

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