BJ's Wholesale Clubcustomer service

R Sep 27, 2019

On 9-27-2019 I went to your store, once there I went to the customer service desk, where I and at least 6-8 other customers were waiting to be attended to. After standing in line for approx. 10 mins, I approached the counter and ask the employee working there, If I could get a Coupon Book, The employee at that time grabbed a handful of books and asked the customers in line who needed a book, several customers raised their hand and received a book, After all the other customers got their book the employee finally handed me one. My issued is why should customers have to wait in a long line just get a book, when all they have to do is place the books on the counter for customers to pick one up if needed. I feel like I upset the employee, by getting out of line and asking for a book. I shop at your store every two weeks and spend at least 400.00 to 500.00 dollars . This isn't the first time I have had a problem with the employees at the service desk.

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