Biolife Plasma Servicescustomer service/management

I was trying to donate plasma on Friday March 22nd at 7:20pm. I was instructed to complete a physical upon arrival at the kiosk and answered all questions accordingly. Only 3 answers needed to be changed. I talked to a lady in the back and she said "it's too late to do a physical and that we needed to do it another day. But everything should be ok as far as donating today." She then sent me to get my vitals done. I passed all my vitals and was ready and willing to donate. They attempted to bypass the physical since it was determined that I could return later to do it. However, they did NOT allow me to donate because the lady who performs the physicals accidentally denied my physical. Therefore, I missed out on being able to donate for the $20 on Friday and I am now unable to get my $70 donation on Sunday because the staff messed up on their end. This is unfair to say the least. I would like to get some kind of resolve for their mistake.

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