Biolife Plasma Servicesdonating

L Oct 09, 2019

I went to my newly opened facility and waited for over 2 and a half hours to finally get seated with the nursing staff for assessment only to be told that since I have been diagnosed with no-polar disorder that I would be unable to donate today and that they would have to contact my psych Dr first to get his approval and then after they receive his approval their physician would have to approve me before they would call to notify me if I am able to complete my physical and then be able to donate another time. This is after it took over a week and a half to be able to obtain a first appointment in the first place to now be told it may take another 2 weeks before I'm able to finish the process to donate. Mind you I am not on any meds and rely on daily cognitive behavior therapy to manage my bi polar symptoms. I believe this is total discrimination. When I asked what was the reason I for them refusing to allow me to donate just because of a mental disability nothing that may be passed thru my plasma or blood they told me that the Dr would have to verify that I am mentally capable of making the decision to donate. What kind of bs is that? I sure hope I'm mentally capable of making a decision to donate plasma being that I'm mentally capable of raising my 3 children, driving a car paying my bills etc.

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