Biolife Plasma Servicescoupon denial/ false information

A Jul 19, 2019

I received a coupon for an exclusive buddy bonus stating that if I brought in a new donor that I would receive $150 and the new donor would receive $300 in the first five donations. Upon showing up for the appointment for the first time donor the clerk at the front refused my coupon, told me there was no such coupon even though she didn't look at it and tried to force a $50 buddy bonus on the donor that I brought in. Long story short she brought up a manager and the manager said yes they had to honor the coupon, then when they were filing in the new donor there was a discrepancy on his Social Security card where his name was spelled incorrectly. We were told at that time to go to the Social Security office and have them change the name and that they would give us a paper that He could bring back and he could go ahead and donate. So I scheduled an appointment for Social Security for two days later set there a hour and a half at Social Security obtained the document that they wanted, went back and waited another hour and a half for the appointment time and upon beginning the appointment they refuse the document telling me that the Social Security number was not printed on the document. They then stated to me that the manager didn't know what he was talking about when he told me that that paper was all I needed. The Social Security office took the Original Social Security card and gave the document and it states clearly in the Social Security office that they no longer print Social Security numbers on documents. So by the time the new Social Security card will Arrive in the mail my $150 coupon will be expired and I am out $20 in fuel and about four hours of my time, a whole lot of stress and aggravation AND NOW the new donor that I had to bring in wants nothing to do with the service and does not want to return and does not want to donate because it's been nothing but a headache from the first moment he stepped in there. I have been donating with Biolife for over a year however after this experience and the way I was treated I will not be returning!! I will seek another plasma center to do my donations. My name is Amanda Lewis please contact me ASAP [protected]

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