Bigpoint/DarkOrbitFalse accusations

Bigpoint is one big con, the coding in the games is constantly full or errors and the blame for this isn’t put onto the coders, it is blamed on the players.
I was accused of cheating on one of their games after an error showed up in their coding, I never did cheat, but they will not accept this.
All they tell me is that I am a cheat and there is no error in the coders findings, yet, it was the coders that made the error in the first place.
The customers have no say.
Once they make their minds up, players are found guilty, whether they are guilty or not.
There is a lot more to this, they are a total scam.
They have not bothered to explain in detail the way in which I am supposed to have cheated, only that I am a cheat.
Their support team is arrogant and obnoxious.They have stolen hundreds of pounds from me.


  • Ac
    aceTITANace Mar 16, 2010

    Since my last posting I have been acquitted, that's how pathetic their coding is but, now they are at it again.
    Bigpoint is a con.
    I am tired of them conning me time and again and I have only been associated with them for nine months.
    The support team never seem interested in anything the paying customers have to say, they just sweep our complaints under the carpet. I have been unable to play the game on 3 occasions because of coding errors and have dropped in rank by what cost me roughly over £100 and hard work to attain. Not once did I receive an apology or any compensation. Therefore, I have wasted money on their game. I call it being robbed.
    And the support team constantly accused me of being a cheat which was later proven to be another coding error. I was told by a support member that even if I attempt to go higher with this that any email will end up back with them, that’s how obnoxious they are. “Fine, any communication in english gets back to the english supporters anyway, nevermind where you sent it”
    All complaints are swept under the carpet. Their site has a gold premium package that costs £35 for 12 months use, they are giving people 9 months use in the hope that people won't notice, seeing as it continues to the next year if not cancelled. I unexpectedly cancelled mine which they didn't notice, and a month later my premium ended after only 9 months of use. When I noticed this and enquired about it to their so-called support team, they blocked my account. And that is after I have spent hundreds of pounds on their site. They didn't like the fact that I discovered their scam and have covered their tracks by messing with my account.
    DarkOrbit is running one big scam and their coders are useless, maybe the people at the top at bigpoint did or didn’t know about this but, I believe they do. I suggested they look into this, although, I know it will all be denied.
    Their support team keep telling me to go away and get a lawyer, they know how difficult it will be for me to prove anything.
    They have no respect for people whatsoever and whine like babies when we lose our temper with them.
    How can a site that is so big and popular be so nasty to people?
    I am very disappointed with this site, and it has made me very discouraged about joining any other sites.
    Please don't waste your time and money on this con of a site.
    The people at DarkOrbit are running a con and I'm sure Bigpoint know about this seeing as the so-called support team are linked to Bigpoint.

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  • Vl
    Vlado_BA_SK Apr 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience with DO (by German BigPoint) is very bad.

    For somebody (especially children) it could be habit-forming. Ambiguous or faulty rules (you'll find it it sooner or later when playing). Arrogant administrators (especially CZ/SK). Often swearwords and abuse in (CZ/SK) chat used. Instability/errors in GUI.

    Administrator can ban you from the chat or user forum for more days without any warning or noticing (chuckling admin calls it "silent murder"), just because of two letters in name (in my case BA as Bratislava) or for copying one Wikipedia page at user forum (30day ban) when arguing about that so called "BIG" should be added to The Rules, so users can recognize, it's a "crucial personal information", they cannot mention in chat (or 7days ban).

    Administrators (CZ/SK) use swear words in replies to users i.e. "an*l alpinism" or "as*-crawler", etc. If user asks to get any explanation of The Rules admins often ignore him or block him on user's forum.

    In chat (even in "prime-time" 8:00-11:00 PM) is often a rude language, abuse and insulting seen. Children can join this "trash talk" without any problems.

    Ambiguous or faulty rules are hard to find from the main screen (but you'll find game features easily). There's no list of penalties mentioned in The Rules, so it's a pure administrators' "free-style".

    So if you're calm, asking for nothing, complaining for nothing, just paying for Uridium, everything is fine. But if you are at the top with ship equipment (no much further fees expected?) or mention any technical problems with your ship control in chat (cost me 500 uri and 2-day ban), troubles begin (jeer, ban, blocking, ignoring...). My advice is, be very careful, if your consider to start with Dark Orbit!

    Everything above mentioned, I've got documented. In case of your further interest, please leave me a message.

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  • Ac
    aceTITANace Apr 04, 2010

    You are so very correct in every aspect. The chat controllers seem to take comfort in the fact that we (the players) have no way of fighting back, even the support team told me not to bad-mouth the chat-admin/mods. I was only reporting them for unfair treatment. Most of the chat-controllers don't seem to understand the context of most words and will ban you for use of innocent words that they deem to be offensive. I have never received any form of an apology, gotten back what is rightfully mine, paid for with money, or received any compensation for unfair treatment towards me. What I have received, however, is warnings for defending my rights. If we don't remain quiet and passive to the support team and chat-controllers, we will be suspended or deleted.

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  • Lo
    lottospammo May 26, 2010

    I always have a hard time getting problems fixed. Matthew Milligan and Etienne Belmar almost never
    fix a problem without my having multiple email conversations with them - and them threatening to
    suspend my account. The two of them are ineffectual as support and rude. Worse than no help at all.

    In fact, I am worried that the more I complain about a problem the worse my ship functions and the easier
    it pops. I expect that next they will just suspend my account and/or change the password and tell me:
    "awww - too bad - you got hacked.

    Curious about my current situation and fears -- I Googled Bigpoint darkorbit complaints - and now I see
    and read your complaints and concerns. So now, I extremely worried and concerned.

    I have already spent about $250 and countless hours playing this game - but i'm afraid to spend more $$$
    buying uridium to upgrade my ship - when my account could be suspended or "hacked" and I would have
    no reasonable expectation that they would feel the need or obligation to reimburse me.

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  • Pa
    PaulFM Sep 16, 2010

    I've just been told not to discuss any games in chat, unless they are Bigpoint games. This was by an American CA, Lord Shiva. If i argue with this man, i am banned. Freedom of speech is unheard of on DO chat.When you get the better of these [censor]s, because you have a valid argument. You are banned for upsetting the moderator. You just can't dispute anything. It needs to be investigated, by some sort of controlling body, as people spend actual money, and are denied basic human rights. Sounds heavy, i know, but try it and see.

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  • Pu
    .:.punisher.:. Oct 30, 2010

    Hello players, I have the same issue as described by 666titan666, I was trying to play today as I usually do (WHen have time for it) and couldn't get access to the USA EAST server, I sent a request for help to the stupid technical support that Bigpoint Inc has and the answer I got is this.


    You have been found to be using an external bot to play the game for you. We developed a script to detect the users who used this and we have a accurate take on who was bot using. You are one of these users. Under the Terms and Conditions of Bigpoint, to which you agreed upon:

    1.2.9 The Games and Services can only be accessed by means of a standard web browser or special tools which have been provided or expressly approved by Bigpoint GmbH (Ban on of non-authorized scripts). In other words: The use of programs which cause excessive server load are strictly forbidden. The application of software to systematically or automatically control games or individual game functions such as bots, macros, etc. or to reproduce or evaluate games, game components or content provided on the Bigpoint platform is prohibited.

    We have been leniant in this case and instead we have terminated your account under section 8 of the Terms and Conditions:

    The User knowingly violates any law or the rules of the Games and/or Services, and does not discontinue his/her actions despite having received a warning. A warning is not required in case of a severe offense where it would be unreasonable to expect Bigpoint GmbH to remain bound by the contract.


    The User violates the prohibition of non-authorized scripts (see Sec. 1.2 above).

    The account has therefore been removed from gameplay, the rules on such matters have been clear to you. You willingly broke the rules of the game; now you must face the consequences of this.

    The evidence is clear and as such we consider this matter closed.


    Crystal Curns

    Bigpoint Support

    Fax: +49 (0)40/88 14 13-906

    Christoph-Probst-Weg 3
    20251 Hamburg

    Managing Director: Heiko Hubertz
    Register: HRB-Hamburg 94148

    All I have to say about this issue is wake up people, quit playing this games if you can and find every possible way to let other people know about this scammers, the money that I have spent on this stupid game was "protected by paypal" but guess what, I tried to open disputes or claims against this company and it is not possible because they protect only goods and not services (Another scam?).

    I lost a lot of money on this game be careful.

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  • Do
    dontlikebigpoint Dec 13, 2010

    Yep couldnt agree more with all comments, they take your money then they find a jumped up way to remove your account obviously to make space for the next wave of people to scam money off. I spent £65 in 2 weeks got big and they accused me of running illegal scripts (which i was definately not) banned my account. All I can suggest is that if you play this game do not spend any money on it. But probably best to stay right away.
    I have trawled the net since my experience and have found hundreds of examples of the same story or similar, and thats just the ones in english. They say contact their legal dept but will not give you the address. They say they have evidence but will not supply it to be veiwed.
    Perhaps we should all think about legal action.
    If you have address for legal dept of bigpoint please post.
    or if you have personal email for boss of bigpoint.
    or if you have managed to take legal action and won then please help.

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  • Hm
    hms-titan Jan 11, 2011

    I have been wrongly banned from the game too and as it stands right now i have started an investergaion by the European Consumer Centre‏ i am hoping to get somwhere with this i would urge you all to cheak out there website and make compliants of you own as if my compliant is upheld i am going to try to recoop all the money i spent on this from day 1 of playing

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  • Ma
    marioalessandria Feb 13, 2011

    Hi everyone, 1 mounth ago, my account it was banned, in this one I have spend lot of money and I have play for 8 mounth.
    so for they, I'm guilty of "bot user", problem is, this account never see the bot...
    so this account now is cancelled (hundred of account like my).
    For my experience, DO NOT START TO PLAY!
    there are lot of game, throusand time better of this.

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  • Sl
    slaye55 Feb 14, 2011

    all i can add to this is that u r all right but instead of giving up i am gonna give them a fight i hope hope the y have a load of very good programmers on hand cause they are gonna be in deep doedoe when i am done with them if anybody wants to help send me a line on [email protected]

    by the way bigpoint if one of your so called u technical support read this u can suck my

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  • Ni
    NisaME Jun 01, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are now having these same problems on the Us servers, ONE clan gets to do whatever they want, cheat however much they want, and say whatever they want to whomever they want. We made a petition and it has been sent to Big Point INC. Still waiting to see if that does any good. I have made a complaint with Big Points Youth Protector about the bad language in chat, still waiting for a response from that. I have made a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and Big Point has 9 days now to respond. Seeing that they have an F rating which is the worst they can get, due to lack of response on the other complaints made against them, I doubt that will do any good. I have also heard the rumor that they are allowing their Board Admins to purchase Banned Player Ships. If that is true their has to be some way to take that to criminal court at least here in the US.

    This petition was made to send in to give the players a voice since we were getting the same stuff from support that you all were.
    Big Point went to the Petition site claiming Privacy violations and had the comments hidden from public view.
    So they were copied and pasted here:, 17.0.html

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  • U9
    U91H3D Jun 02, 2011

    This is a very serious issue and must be seen by not few but all or as many members "customers" on Dark Orbit as possible.. As you are aware over the past year Dark Orbit have introduced a number of new methods to this game, we have seen the new client also skylab, Pilot Bio and thats not to mention the shared boosters ammo and now the PET-10 drone... this accounts to a total of at least 50-100 dollars a week to play this game with the top equipment... People listen dark orbit do not care about you loosing a galaxy gate that you put so much money in to build thats why the extra lives for G Gates were put in place, also the support are ignorant arrogant and extremely rude to the paying customer, also the fact that they allow multiple ONE clan mebers to become mods is a discrase in my opinion, a few of them i know are under 18. All i ask is that people not quit the game entirely but put a stop to spending money on megas until this issue is addressed, i know if we all stick together we can solve this issue together and make this game FAIR for ALL players.
    Thanks for reading
    {BOB}Seek-Destroy USA EAST 1

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  • Qu
    Quiet_Calm Aug 23, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been playing Dark orbit for 2 years a paying player, There have been Numerous issues lately that have kept Me from playing the game: Uri not credited to my account, Semprom when being transferred to my ship from skylab missing sent 3500 only 1800 showed up the rest POOF . Customer support ignores the issues or sends auto generated replies: We are aware and looking into this issue. Hopefully, a resolution will be found as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience during this delay. But nothing is ever corrected

    Yet instead of correcting the issues they are ignored until you get fed up and stop playing instead of creating new issues with the new maps and introduction of the "booty boxes" and the Lf4s Perhaps their time would have been better spent in correcting existing issues before creating new issues to be ignored by customer support or lack there of

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  • Ex
    ExDOPlayer Sep 16, 2011

    One other thing, they tell the players that support and forum mods and chat mods do it for free, they dont, they asked me to be a mod and I turned them down, they offered me 100k uri per week to be a chat mod, 100k uri per special event such as christmas etc so the mods do not do it for free, just wanted to let the players know they are being lied to about that too as well as everything else.

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  • Ro
    Robere Nov 03, 2011

    How are they able to continue ripping people off with unfair gaming practices. In the USA there are supposed to be laws protecting citizens from illegal gaming practices.
    I have asked DO if there Is there a class action suit against them and got no reply.
    They have recently deleted a completely built reserve APIS drone from my account and have failed to give anything to me in a total of at least 69 Pirate Booty boxes.

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  • Mi
    missyconvict Feb 02, 2012

    I agree with all of the above. Dark orbit and bigpoint a massive story is i've been a user since Apr 2011 on GB1 server in Nov 11 dark orbit had a galaxy gate glitch which yes i used to my advantage. As did the majority of people did on DO. The glitch was their own fault that it happened..So then i get a ban..but as we know darkorbit makes rules up as they go along. It clearly states in their forum the 3 stages of a ban.
    Stage 1
    Users are banned for 1 day, at the end of this day they get the CAPTCHA code to relog into the game. This stage should be twinned with:
    · 20% Experience Point Loss
    · 10% Honor Point Loss
    · 33% Credit Loss
    · 100% Jackpot Money Loss
    · 100% GG Energy Loss
    · 7 day period where they can only collect a bonus box every 30 seconds

    Stage 2
    Users were caught using a bot, after being caught by stage 1. Users who are moved to this stage are banned for 7 days, and the end of these 7 days they get the CATCHA code to relog into the game. This stage should be twinned with:
    · 50% Experience Point Loss
    · 50% Honor Point Loss
    · 50% Credit Loss
    · 100% Jackpot Money Loss
    · 100% GG Energy Loss
    · 30 day period where they can only collect a bonus box every 60 seconds

    Stage 3
    Users who were caught using a bot after being caught by stage 2. Users who are moved to this stage are permanently removed from the game.

    Users who are already in the system will be changed to the new grades also.

    Grade 4 will go to the new Grade 3
    Grade 3 will go to the new Grade 2
    Grades 2 and 1 will go to the new Grade 1

    They will not be punished a second time, but if they move grades they will get the new punishments.

    Well for the glitch they put me straight on stage 2 of the banning system..Please tell me where it says this will happen ?? So when my account got a strike for a bot which i did not use. My account got permanatly banned..I have spent around £2000 gbp on my account also buy premium bonus box douler and so on that are still active on my account and i cant use..I have tried to resovle this with there support to why i was put on stage 2 when it doesn't state so in t&c and forum he said i have a point but its out of his hands its up to the developers??? So i have lost my account and money ! And yes the amount of problems darkorbit has where you buy ammo and it dont give it ya..the lag you get the people using damage hacks, the seprom transfer problem the cpu's not working the list goes on and on.. It's about time that this company gets sorted properly..I mean Fancy the support agreeing with me that i have a point then telling me theres nothing that can be done. What kind of helps that ? Theres many more user that i know that have had the same problem as me..WHAT A SUPRISE they also got told theres nothing they can do..If you look very closly at the bigpoint t&c its states that some monies spent by the user has to be reply as to how or when they going to refund me..THIS COMPANY NEEDS REPORTING !

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  • Bl
    Black╗and╗gold Mar 10, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I played for about 2 years and some months I spent approximately 3, 000 us dollars between my account and my son's account on dark orbit. 5 months ago I was accused of using bots to play the game when I never did and I wouldn't know how to use a bot anyways. I was going to stop playing at that time but my wife convinced me to just keep playing, She argued that mistakes happen and to just work harder to get my experience and honor back so That's what I did. A month later they accused me again and I just had no choice but to stop playing because I can not keep spending money on the game and run a risk of big-point shutting my account down unfairly after so much money being put into this game since I usually buy booster and was subscribed to box doubler and premium. My ship was level 18 on us 1 server 41 pilot points fully level PET 4 havoc drones full elite and Apis drone. Was about to get the zeus drone but bigpoint screwed me so I stop playing.

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  • Co
    compluselesspeople Mar 17, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Im telling u guys, This game Is ###ed Up, Just like the Developers

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  • Co
    compluselesspeople Mar 17, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    U guys are so right, im telling u, this game is f****d up

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  • Ba
    Baron Sam May 02, 2014

    Hello fellow suckers. Big Point is a dishonest company. Game money perched with real money, special items, ships, and ship accessory's plus many more items disappear and are never seen again. BP responds with we will look in to it and that's all you ever hear. Your next enquiries response is we have no record. Than there is the accusations of Botting real or not. When there are bots operating where all can see for 2 Years and then a couple more people join the botters 30 days later the players with USA Emails get a 100 year ban. But the German Players whom have been Botting for 2 year from EURO playing on USA1 get a 30 Day ban and with in 30 days they are back to botting it looks like a Double standard. For BP to operate a business in the US they Need to follow at least a couple US laws. The bias in penalties based on natinal origin? I am not an Attorney but this bias appears to be a constitutional issue. Maybe not in Germany but in the US. Remember BP had an office in San Francisco till 2012. Having a business in the US might mean there may some legal authority to look in to this problem. To show how lame I am I have or had 4 accounts in both USA1 and EURO1 for 2 years spent many thousands of $ had a lot of Items disappear. I'm not looking for any accounts back or my money back. What I want is for BP to set some standards to operate by and start being an honest company and only a class auction suet with a large penalty will change them. To all who are English majors my apologise.

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  • Jo
    Joe-No-One May 29, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is clear that anyone playing this 'Con artists game' should be exceedingly careful as I have seen many good players banned and accused for "cheating" that from what I know of them would not cheat if you paid them to, but I have also seen know cheaters and script users allowed to get away with it even when dozens of video's of proof was sent in, they are still in game right now as we speak. Dark Orbit and Big point would have an enormous job to fix all of the many issues with the game, coding errors, hackers, cheaters, script users, content staleness, support quality (there is a whole issue in and of itself). The support have known some of the longer in game players for so long that they can 'Seemingly' get away with anything even when proof is sent in from players (what game requires the players to prove there are cheats ? Surely that's the supports job?) The game is tailored toward making players new and old spend as much real money on game content as possible, yes they are a business but you do not get anything from your money, new content for an extra drone would cost hundreds of $'s and £'s, and on top of that there is the risk of hackers so after you have used a lot of time and money doing up your 'online' ship I get hacked my whole ship/ account was stolen and even after providing original I.P address where it was created, original password and name, credit card details used when making and playing the ship, the support team then said that they could see the account in question but if I could not produce what the account was called 'NOW' then they could not do anything. So they could see my account but would not touch it as I could not tell them the name that it was called AFTER it was hacked and stolen off of me ... Dark Orbit is a big risk for anyone to join in on as there are to many problems/ risks and issues with the game, support and some players for it to be an enjoyable experience, My opinion would be to stay as far away from this online money pit as possible

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  • So
    Some newb Jul 07, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Complaint Description:I

    play on GB1 server, player
    Was accused of attempting to 'hack' a players account.result= 30 day
    ban. The evidence they have is nothing.

    I playedthe game and received an unwarranted 30 suspension for
    allegedly threatening to 'HACK' another players account.
    The evidence sent against, me (and I did say these words)is as follows; Im going to make sure i deplete your ship of
    everything and put u into egg mode.

    This message was received by me and I I admit ted saying that in a game where it
    is 'okay' to say you are going to destroy someone's ship regulary.????..It
    doesn't mention DELETING someone's ship...However, the support team are
    twisting the words and have closed my account for 'hacking' (attempting to hack)

    The reply I received after several attempts, by myself, is as follows;
    You stated you would delete another player's ship, so you were intending
    to access the account. This decision is final, it is the same
    punishment for any player threatening another player's account.
    (Utter BS)

    I clearly never stated anything to do with stealing, hacking or
    compromising anyone's account/property?
    My opinion; What these guys are doing is a business move, to extort more money from my pocket..I am pretty sure it is down to my recent top ups of over £500 shortly after this spate of spending, I ceased to spend over the next 2 (just recently) weeks...They are profiling each customer until you r ship is UFE..Then it is anything to 'force' you to open another 'noob' account through stpidity...They must think we are mad in the begining.?.Just like all the other internet scams/scammersout there...Lastly, it is a game remember, a money 1.

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  • No
    noneofyourbusiness75 Nov 11, 2014

    Hard to believe, I'm reading these comments for the first time, some from 2010 and I felt like I was reading comments that were posted from yesterday. Still the same issues, tons of lag, down time, arrogant support teams that talk down to you, it's your fault, not theirs. They never provide an honest answer, CMs who pick favorites and ban who they do not like for frivolous little things while others post racist and derogatory comments along with plenty of cussing. No compensation for your inconvenience due to lag and downtime. Luckily, I have not placed a lot of money into this game like others have and I've never recommended to any of my friends and do not intend to.

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  • Ti
    TitanAce Apr 23, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dark Orbit is a scam. They take your money then ban you with no explanation.

    I was accused of using a bot and never have.
    Monday I purchased Uridium via MHH, Tuesday I was banned.
    DO support in the US said they would not discuss it with me, so I contacted BigPoint support and provided all communication with DO support, only to be told "since I had started communications with DO support regarding this issue I should continue to discuss it with them".
    They either did not understand the email from DO support stating - They would not discuss it - or they just can't be bothered assisting a paying customer who has a problem with a game the operate.

    BigPoint needs to be made accountable for the way it mistreats its customers.

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  • Ga
    Gabriel.Alex May 08, 2015

    Hi, I want to say that I have a blocked account for about three months, because I did not pay transactions even if my money were withdrawn from my bank account . We all account statements payments made to BP . But they did not have any account unlocked in day today, adding the continuity that we have not paid those transactions, and repeat that money from my account were extracted by BP . Asi and I want to know how can I solve the same problem . I need the money back, I want to unlock my account . Thank you .

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  • Ge
    Gentaro Sep 21, 2015

    Bigpoint/Darkorbit scam alot people with them rules also i have spend alot in darkorbit but they dont tell people your account will be deleted if you dont play for a time all my stuffs are gone now,

    But also them support is also weaker than weak sauce. all they can say to my is you account is deleted cause you was inactive? they gone even give me a refund back. all they want is take your money and again .

    Why do they even delete you account even if you spend it, Well they said in the email if you want to play again you should start over they want to scam. why do they even protect people ingame cause they want keep the money for themself?

    A game like this shouldnt have a word like honor in it!

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  • Fr
    Freeman Ohoiwutun Sep 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i stop playing this game, i had a top account and they hacked it. level 21. i had asked for return with no deal and no emails back from them, then they robbed me thru my phone account with text message Uridium. the next best thing was my bank account, after asking my bank and phone company. they sad it was big point but they could not stop it. my account got suspend, because they where taking money off my bank account. but did not had the Uridium. and they told me i had spend it . because i could not get into that account to see in my history list. 1 year later i started playing with a new account, and they have deleted that one without letting me know, screw darkorbit and stay away or pay only with prepaid card do not text or give them your bank account number

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  • Fr
    Freeman Ohoiwutun Sep 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The only way is to file a classic lawsuit against them, we all have enough proof that they were destroying players and robbing bank accounts and phone accounts, after your account got blocked you have no proof to look at the history list I still I have my mail out 2011 that they had hacked my account dreamingdragon

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  • Er
    Eric Ott Oct 10, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There are a LOT of racist ppl that mod and perform "customer service" on their games, especially Dark Orbit. I had an "El" in front of my name and got banned for 10 days after I had only been playing for about 2 days. I had to go through some hoops to change my name to get allowed access back to the game. Then once in a PM I said "gracias" and got a 10 hour ban. Then once in a PM someone asked if I knew Spanish and I said "Si", I got another 10 hour ban. Then I decided to ask any currently logged in mod if they could explain why I got banned for using any word other than English (remember, I'm new to this game). Someone gave me a PM and told me to NEVER use ANY non-English word, I was immediately banned for 20 hours after that.

    I finally gave up on this crap...

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  • Wi
    Wiley_ Nov 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This seems to be a common occurrence with bigpoint dark orbit. I was suspended from the game this weekend (11/26/2016) with game support person refusing to move up my support ticket request to a supervisor and claiming chat rule infractions occurred causing the suspension which were bogus. I have spent a large amount of money over the course of 2007-2012 that can be confirmed with paypal and my bank statements. I just restarted playing in May 2016 after a 4 year break (got fed up with the support bull) when I heard the game got bought out and rebuilt my game account with more equipment, and just purchased a game pack, booster subscriptions, premium subscription and they are claiming no refund is possible. Could you recommend who to contact about this and possibly a link that lists internet law specialists to pursue this further. Based on this forum alone, sounds like Dark Orbit Support does this regularly. Thousands of dollars have been spent over the course of years that has now been suspended for unfounded cause and because they refused a refund and I mentioned possibly pursuing legal action they closed all open support ticket inquiries and stated no further communication could occur except through their legal department. The tab they mentioned for Legal Information only provides mail address and 1 is for 1 state and another is for a different state. Advice? Thanks

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