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BigPoint review: Seafight account

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This is an account on a game I have been playing for years now, and considering it is a game where you have to pay to stay competitive, it has cost me a lot of money to keep up with the other players. Monthly payments done to get items and stuff to be at top level, and one day, they just take everything away. No warning, no reason, nothing. They ban my account, and when asked why to their so called "support", they just gave a non factual reason of the account being sold or traded, and when asked for an explanation, a real one, a proof where it shows that what they accuse me of is true, their "support" team, which by the way is a bunch of non professional people who just joke around with people's money, literally wrote "What was said, was said" and closed the ticket to never answer again to any of the others I wrote.

They better come with something that proves the nonsense they accused me of or give me back my account.

Claimed loss: An account where it was spent more than 700$, without taking into consideration years of gameplay.

Desired outcome: My account back.

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