Big Lots Storesservice

Hi, I was in Big Lot this past Saturday 10/05/19 on South Dale Mabry (Britton Plaza). When I say I will never step foot in that store again, I mean NEVER!! My friend and I was having a great girls day out and stop by the Big Lots just looking for furniture for my daughter who just moved out. We were looking at a sectional sofa set that was on display. Trying to figure out pricing we asked a sale associate that walk by, who had already been so polite helping up with other questions we had as we walked around shopping. As she was trying to help us another associate told her she need to go to the front. Not so much that she had to go, but the tone of voice he use, was unacceptable. No one deserved to be talk down upon like that. I don't care what your position is. Now mind you we had been there for sometime looking at the furniture and that associate never once bother to acknowledge us. Never once said, I'll be with you ladies in a minute, Just a second, I need her to go up front, NOTHING!! Now I assume once he answered a question for another customer, he would come and ask us if we needed any assistance. NO HE DID NOT!! He just walked off and started doing something else. I later find out that this was the manager Dave. Well Dave, since you do not know how to treat your customers or staff, I left the buggy full of stuff I was about to purchase in your store and the sectional I wanted to get for my daughter, I will not be purchasing at your store nor any other Big Lots!!

I know Big Lots does so much business, they don't need my money.

Lost customer

Oct 08, 2019

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