Best Westernfalse charge for smoking in room


My Husband and I stayed at the Best Western at 1035 E 23rd St in Panama City, July 25th thru July 31st we made the reservations thru and prepaid for this stay, however in checking my credit card bill I realized that Best Western had charged me $100 misc. charges, when I called the location I was told this was for smoking in the room, mind you I am not a smoker nor my husband, The young lady at the desk told me to call back and speak to the General Manager about the charge witch I did, first I was told she was unavailabe and I left a number where I could be reached, waited, and no response I returned the call one more time and was told she Ms. Keri McKinley would not speak to me and she would not reverse the charges, this seams to be an on- going thing at this hotel possibly to make money because the room already had that smell, they so called cleaned the room before we got there and there was no difference when we left, This location is very dishonest and management very unprofessional, I disputed the charges with my credit card company and with the cooperate office, I don't think I will ever stay at another Best Western again, in fact I know I won't, because this is not the first incident with them.
Lesson learned, make sure when you check out from any hotel check your bill for all charges and no surprises.


  • gdmfsob Aug 23, 2010

    You stayed at a Best Western, the average demographic that stays at a BW are trailer park WT that generally smoke. They know that, so they take advantage of people like you. Next time stay at the Marriott

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  • Dn
    dnicelioness May 31, 2012

    I am very angry with Best Western right now / again! They did this to us in Reno, NV and now they're trying to do it in Santa Cruz, CA. We did NOT smoke in their rooms either time and here we are fighting this again! It's a definite scam. Hotels find ways to make more bucks in scams like this. Once in Santa Cruz at the Comfort Inn my friend and I both got charged for taking towels. We had adjoining rooms and all the towels were in ONE room in pile together. The doors connecting the rooms were still open - clearly showing them that we were a group. But they tried to charge both rooms for taking towels. What the?! They're hotel scams. I will never stay at a Best Western again! Screw their rewards points. I'll find a BETTER quality location.

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  • En
    enuffsaid531 Dec 30, 2013

    This happened to my fiance an I this past weekend. They charged him the 100 for smoking in the suite we stayed in. We do smoke but we definitely didn't smoke in the room because we didn't want that extra smoking charge. For sure at checkout we had that problem, accused us of smoking when we both know we didn't, she stated I smell it..smell AN smoke is two different things. This happen to us at the Best Western in Baltimore. I will not stay at any best western anymore! They hungry for money that's why they do this..not knowing sooner or later someone is going to sue them.!

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