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In April 2019, I went to GOOGLE search for FREE ESTIMATE FOR A PLUMBING JOB. BEST HOME SERVICE (Best) came up first for free estimate category. I called and made an appointment for April 22, 2019. The Best Tech arrived I showed him the plumbing Job. He told me what the cost would be. In the estimate he gave me there was a Diagnostic Fee $108. I ask him about the Diagnostic Fee. He told me that was for Estimating the job. I told him this was suppose to be a free estimate based on my Google search. The tech said I would have to pay the Diagnostic fee regardless, even if Best did not do the job. I advised him I was not told about a Diagnostic Fee at the time I made the appointment. In fact I told the Best person I made the appointment with that I was calling regarding a free estimate on the Google search. In addition he (tech) did not advise me about the Diagnostic Fee when he arrived. I told the tech this was a BAIT and SWITCH scam by Best. The Diagnostic Fee is just a way for Best to circumvent the free estimate on Google. There are many other issues between Best and myself those are for another time. I have filed a complaint with Google's Compliance Department about the Best Bait and Switch scam. In addition I am sure others have been scammed by Best when they Google search for a free estimate. I decided to find out myself about others scammed by Best Bait and Switch Diagnostic Fee. I searched Public Records in a 7 county area around Best offices for Permits to Perform Work for Plumbing, Air Condition and Electrical. I had Post Cards printed to mail to the addresses on the Permits asking the question, has anyone else requested from Google search a free estimate and Best was listed and they had to pay Best a Diagnostic Fee? I also listed Google's Compliance information in order for those that had the same experience as me with Best could file a complaint. If enough of those that were charged a Diagnostic Fee complain to Google, Best will be removed from Googles search Free Estimate category.

Sep 29, 2019

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