Best Buypaying for my goods.

Cj Sep 28, 2019 ON

September 27, 2019 I went into the Best Buy on Fairway Rd. Kitchener ON. I went right to the product I wanted, a Dyson air filter $100.00, and proceeded to the tills for payment. There were 3 customers all ready being served so I waited and waited and waited. I rep walked right past me looked at me standing there, as I was the only one, and proceeded to the one till to help another rep. Fifteen minutes latter I walked up to the counter, put the filter on it and walked right out the door. What is wrong with this store, business. I would do everything possible to serve my paying customers. Is this company so rich they could care less if they make a sale or not. Wow cannot believe they don't want to make money. They just sat there looking at me waiting and said nothing, not even a Hello or we'll be with you shortly. If I owned this store I would have fired the ones responsible.

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