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I bought a car from berkeley motor company 3 weeks ago being assured all is working as it should with no faults and 2 keys.
this was not the case the car came with only one key(not as advertised) and a very sketchy service history.
it soon camer apparent that the car was not as described as immaculate inside and out so i contacted them to air my concerns but from the word go it i got was excuses like will call back or the man you need to speak to about warranties isnt available.
when i eventually got hold of the man he wasnt interested in replacing the missing key or the alarm which did not work .
i seemed to be getting nowhere so after taking advice i decided to write a letter explaining my concerns but the day before i had catastrophic engine failiure on the way home from work so i phoned them straight away but the man at the other end of the phone was abusive and rude and said bring the car back at my cost but being over 150miles away it was going to cost a lot to send it back to them for inspection and repair.
i added this concern to my letter of complaint and posted it recorded delivery which was received by them early this week, i informed them i would be bringing the car back this week as requested for inspection and repair in the letter and by email which i received no reply whatsoever.
the car was picked up on thursday(12th feb) and taken to them but on arrival the driver was met by 2 very rude and abusive men refusing to accept the car, blocking of any attempt to remove it from the trailer with another car .
the driver had to leave with my car still on the trailer as he was concerned about the safety of his vehicle and my car also being threatened with physical harm if he didnt leave.
the driver manage to get one of them to sign the delivery note but he wrote refused delivery across the paperwork.
i am now taking legal action against this company under the sale of goods act 1979.

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