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Berkeley Motor Company review: Defects with used car

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My son bought a used car from Berkeley Motor Company in Gloucestershire, shortly afterwards he came to visit the family in the East Midlands where I run a car repair business with my brother. My son said that a warning light came on during the journey to us so we investigated and found that the engine management light had come on. With diagnostic equipment we discovered that both the oxygen sensors were faulty and with these having an impact upon emissions we replaced them both. While the car was with us we carried out a safety check and found that the OSF lower suspension arm ball joint was excessively worn and unsafe, we replaced this and serviced the car (at our expense) as this was overdue. My son spoke to someone at Berkeley Motor Company regarding this and was told that they would pay for the parts, totaling just over £190.00. My son was given an email address so we could email an invoice which we tried on several occasions without success, this was at the end of Feb 2015. On June 12th 2015 I emailed Berkeley Motor Company via their website and received a phone call from a member of staff, I tried explaining the situation but the individual was quite dismissive and resulting in raising my voice, he became very obnoxious and hung up, I called back and the call was answered by another member of staff who maintained no-one else was on site, I then called 1471 to confirm the first caller phoned from the business premises which he did. I called back and the first member of staff answered and gave me the number for the business owner, someone called Zane. The conversation started off fine but then he accused me of abusing and threatening his staff which was not the case, yes, I raised my voice but never abused or threatened anybody. Zane then proceeded to threaten me with violence and I was bombarded with a tirade of abuse involving unrepeatable obscenities, I reciprocated as I was not about to be intimidated by this low life. I pity anyone who has the misfortune to deal with this company.

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