C Jul 14, 2019 Review updated:

I visited Baskin Robbins in my home town of Santa Paula around 8pm on Sunday, July 14th. I was told "I'll be with you in a minute" by a female employee to which I replied "thank you". I scanned the dipping cans for your peanut butter, chocolate flavor and was ready to order. The same employee asked "are you ready?" I said "yes, I'd like a single scoop of your peanut butter chocolate on a sugar cone" while I was naming my order, she was talking softly to her co-worker. As she scooped my ice cream, I continued to look outside toward my vehicle. Once she was done she asked in a rude tone "is that all for you?" I barely responded and handed her my card to which she very rudely pointed to the terminal and exclaimed "enter your chip there". Once my receipt printed, she half-assed handed it to me while continuing to talk to her co-worker again! I literally had to prevent my receipt from falling on the ground. My receipt says Sarah on it as cashier. I've had rude service before, she was intentionally mean, rude and snooty. Big thumbs down for Baskin Robbins in not training their employ6to at least be professional. WOW!


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