BamPlay Complaints & Reviews / Fraudulent charges to my credit card

Jun 11, 2016

I just received my statement for my credit card due to other charges my son had made on my card that I was ok with ..I was charged 34.95 3 different months that I did not authorize hell I never even heard of this website ..I called them and they tell me I set up an account for gaming / Fraudulent charges and no idea how to stop them

Aug 16, 2014

I never heard about the company I never ordered from them or used the services, but 3 weeks ago they started to take money from me every month. I was shocked that they scammed me. I don’t know what to do next and no idea how to get money back. Please, post... / Charged for no reason

Dec 02, 2013 appeared on my bank statement with a charge for $38.95. I never ordered from this company and after checking this website I discovered that it is computer gaming oriented. Thing is that I’ve never play computer games as well and I have no idea how they’ve managed to...