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I was downloading Avast and thought I was downloading from Avast and getting three years of protection, The next day, I see a pending charge on account for software hq int he amount of $70.80 which was much more than the amount I agreed to.

My financial institution requires me to attempt to get the charge reversed, There is no phone number listed in directory assistance or the toll free directory. I have not been able to reach the website because my antivirus software considers the site to be malware.

I did notice that Avast did post a fraud notice on their website naming a number of websites including software hq. I am hoping that this proof will get the charges reversed. At this stage, I have to wait for the charge to move from peding to an actual charge and then pursue it as a fraud claim. What this means is that I will have to close my debit MasterCard account and wait up to 14 days for a new card during which time I will either need to write checks or carry cash. (Does anyone still do that?) I guess that anything I do in the future will be through PayPal or some other more secure method that does not expose me to fraud. I have now seen many complaints and know that Software HQ is doing this to MANY folks for many kinds of software. WHY AREN'R THEY BEING PURSUED FOR WIRE FRAUD? CERTAINLY THEY ARE MISREPRESENTING THINGS, ISN'T THAT FRAUD? iSN'T THAT WIRE FRAUD


  • Ma
    marryingmarie Feb 19, 2010

    My complaint is against the misrepresentation of Software HQ Avast is a fabuluous product. I have no issue with them; just Software HQ's devious misrepresentation.

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  • Dt
    DTHOMSO May 19, 2010


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  • Wm
    WMOSS May 31, 2010

    These Digital River/ Avast! "element 5" people... (I have noted the numerous posts about Avast!4/Digital River. These are almost certainly the very same people. They are changing their name as product promotions come along.) I hold a copy of my invoice, and keep it saved in Google Docs, but the activation keycode (which they zipped up it can't be viewed!) does not register the prouct (avast! Internet Security 5). When i went to the DRe5 website to complain, their system asked me to enter my email address and the last 5 digits of the credit card. I did this, and their system tells me there was no such order! I have the invoice! Invoice for order # 333084685 dated 31-MAY-2010. Now, when I tried to get help fom the so-called avast forum, the problem got even worse: I had to register for the forum, which requires my email address, a user name, and a password creation. I did all that, and, guess what, when I try to actually sign in, it asks me if I "forgot" my password and gives me the option to recieve "another" reactivtion through email. It keeps doing this over and over again. I have about five "account activation" emails in by in box. They are apparently useless, at least to me. I can't even call up a "reminder" for the password, as their system suggests, because it never offered me an opportunity to make or respond to one in the first place! The fact is, I did NOT forget my password. Now I suspect that someone besides me (hopefully just these DR element idiots) who reset my password, has access to the avast!WEBforum from MY email account. I tried to create a new avast!Webforum account, but of course I cannot use a different user name because, "someone else with that email address already is a member." There is no way I am supplying these people with another email address. My avast! Internet Security 5.0 is still not registered (not to me, anyway) according to my copy of the software. Franky, I can't tell whether it's these DR element 5 people or avast! who is to blame. Probably both. This is not about "waiting." They will probable try to claim their system needs time to adjust. Bull. They post dated my invoice by one day and still sent me this useless activation key.

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  • Ca
    can't find a display name Aug 12, 2010

    I called avast because it would not uninstall from my computer. India customer rep said if he could take control of my computer he would remove it. Then he went into files and said these must be removed because they are harming my computer by slowing it down. Then he stated there would be a charge for removal. I said no, I just want the avast off of my computer. He would not take no for an answer. He never removed avast and left my computer frozen. These people ruined my perfectly good computer. Where can you file a complaint against them with. The virus protection worked fine but upon returning to college the school gives all students symantec. Had to go buy a new computer just to find out how to fix this. My computer is completely frozen up and I can't even reset to factory settings, which would be fine with me since I have backups of all my work. Stay away from avast. Worst mistake i ever made thinking free antivirus company would be ok. They probably locked up my computer so I would have to pay them to fix it. In fact i know they did.

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  • Go
    gordon ross Aug 24, 2012

    I purchased a 2 year Avast anti virus. Some East Indian people (OmniTech) remooved Avast and charged me $299.99 to my Bank Account, Which I had removed..They also destroyed my computer programs. . These people are now located in Los Angeles. Probably illegal aliens.. I spent about $1000.00 in this incident. I have Windows XP. I have no use for any newer Windows garbage. They are too slow and to complicated for my use. Try to contact Avast. I was able to get a dealer, but they are just as bad. All I asked for was to revert back to my time left.. They won't or cant. I asked for Avast's e-mail. I have asked for this many tiles. They do nothing. KEEP CLEAR OF AVAST. THEY ARE JUST SCAMMERS

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  • Hi
    hilton1 Mar 24, 2015

    AVAST - CROOKS! They deduct from your acct without your permission. They make sure their website will not take your information so that you cannot cancel the subscription online. Then when you call they tell you that you must cancel online. If you tell them it is not working, they basically tell you that is too bad. It is all set up so that your account will be automatically deducted before you can get the crap canceled. Crooks, Crooks, Crooks!!! You have to get it stopped via your credit card which no one likes to do. The credit card was just going to tag my acct to make sure nothing else would be deducted. HOWEVER, when I gave them the company, AVAST, they suggested that I completely cancel that credit card & get a new one. Everyone knows these people are CROOKS!!!

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  • Rn
    RNADZ Apr 08, 2015

    I recently received an email from avast saying my subscription was up for renewal. Well my computer currently has a virus because Avast didnt do it's job. I went on my account and saw they had a credit card on file and address from 2 years ago. So I just ignored the email assuming the subscription would not renew. Well much to mu surprise they were able to charge another one of my credit cards. One they didn't even have on file. THEY HAVE COMITTED FRAUD! They attempted to charge the card twice, once with no luck because they had incorrect information BECAUSE I NEVER GAVE IT TO THEM. The second time it went through. I NEVER AUTHORIZED THEM TO CHARGE THIS CARD. I have contacted my bank to cancel the card and perhaps can find a lawyer that would be interested in a case against their fraulant behavior.

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  • Jm
    jMDismad Jan 01, 2017

    @RNADZ They did the same thing . They deducted 29.99 for a year renewal in Sept. 2016. I have a copy of the renewal and the deduction from my credit card. Then in November they emailed me to renew. When I told them I had already done so they gave me a run around. They refused to believe I had already renewed. They are crooks . You cannot make copies of their emails and if you respond to theirs they say you are sending to the wrong place.

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  • Ci
    cialater Dec 05, 2015

    AVAST IS AS CROOKED AS CAN BE! THEY HOOK YOU IN WITH FREE PRODUCTS AND THEN REFUSE TO fulfill their obligation of continuing free product as claimed in their advertising and automatically sign you up for paid for products. At least you can get out of that by stopping the transaction before paying for it, and revert to your free ware(but it will no longer work). Then you will call tech support @1(866)951-7679 only to be told they MUST take remote control of your computer to diagnose and fix the problem with YOUR computer(even though its their system causing the problem so they can try to bilk you!). Report these grafters to the Better Business Bureau and the Public Utilities Commission as well as the Fair Trade Commissions(for which there are 800 numbers listed if you call 411 and request search nationwide). AVAST IS ON PAR with the Jamaican scammers who have checks for you who just need $500.00 for you to collect $1, 000, 000.00. DON'T let them scam you with sub-par service that gets into your computer and eventually shuts it down! It identified a FEDEX email as a virus when they were sending me my shipping number and all of my email was blocked after that as compromised. I had to contact my email carrier to go around AVAST to find another way to receive my email. After that, my system NEVER WORKED PROPERLY AGAIN AND AVAST WANTS HUNDREDS OF $$$ TO FIX THE PROBLEM THEY INJECTED BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO PAY FOR AND UPGRADE TO PAY-FOR SECURITY. I'M DISABLED, LIMITED INCOME, DON'T BUY OR BANK ONLINE AND ONLY GET EMAIL A FEW TIMES A MONTH SO DON'T NEED BUT A LIMITED SECURITY SYSTEM. AVAST IS PISSED THAT I DON'T WANT TO SPEND A LOT OF $$ FOR SOMETHING I DON'T NEED. SO THEY DECIDED TO SCREW UP MY COMPUTER TO GET EVEN WITH ME. IVE CONTACTED THE 3 AGENCIES I LISTED ABOVE TO DETAIL THEIR "UNPROFESSIONAL" (INTENTIONAL) BUSINESS TACTICS. YOU NEED TO DO THE SAME IF YOU HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF THEIR SAME, OR OTHER TREACHEROUS, TREATMENT! CALL THE AVAST PHONE NUMBER LISTED ABOVE AND LET AVAST KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEIR HORRENDOUS SERVICE AND DISGUSTING BUSINESS TACTICS&PRACTICES!

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  • Ru
    Ruth Lamb Dec 07, 2015

    My credit card was charged $42.79 on 11/26/15. This was an automatic renewal which I do not want. When I clicked manage subscriptions, it would not let me change it.

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  • Re
    Reviewer87510 Dec 18, 2015

    I never order anything to this company:DRI*AVAST SOFTW SHANNON, CO. IE and they paid us on by my online bank count 19, 99€ between 02-11-2015 29-10-2015 Só, I want my money back e cancelling any count Thank you Dominique Santos-PORTUGAL

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  • Ro
    robert ruf Aug 03, 2016

    avast is exactly as the above comment suggest, CROOKS. I tried to cancel auto renewal and like the others and it was a circle circus. these are unethical scammers and locked down my computer even though I still have days left on my "license". I filed with BBB and will do every avenue possible to inform others to stay away from these CROOKS.

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  • Mi
    Michael Stocker Jul 12, 2017

    Yes, avast will make it so you cannot reset windows defender or other av software as they add a line to the registry. The only way to fix this is to remove that line by editing the registry ... something that most users probably don't know how or care to deal with. Avast is a shite company. I just found out they are associated with digital rivers another shite/crooked company. They need to be prosecuted. These crooked companies need to be punished and much more severely than "normal" crooks.

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  • Pa
    Paul M Stutz Sep 11, 2017

    me too charged with no authorization and no way to remove charge but gat a phone number 1-844-340-9251 but that person will not take complaint

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  • He
    Helen Syverson Dec 14, 2017

    I want my money back, 85.49 from 12-2-2017. I did not agree to order it. to much money. thanks Helen Syverson

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  • Ch
    Chevrotee Jul 16, 2018

    Truly ScamArtisis - AVAST. Charged twice, for same service 3 months apart. Unauthorized!!! Why would I agree to a renewal of $64.04 for the same Internet Security available for $21.34???
    Why would I renew twice, 3 months apart??? $64.04 is an UNAUTHORIZED renewal. I NEVER give authorization for renewals. I expect a credit/refund.

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  • Du
    duke1 Aug 17, 2018

    hi i have similar issue ie being overcharged by twice the quoted amount and now after several emails to there so called support i have canceled but still out of pocket by a good amount and they have done as said above and broken my registery, i wonder if they ever read these posts, i would die of shame if this was my company! i think i shall contact trading standards and see what they say, scammers!

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  • Ke
    Kent Pittsenbargar Oct 15, 2018

    I had Avast for years as a loyal customer and then my automatic updates stopped and I could not update manually either and then as my system kept slowing down and down I found there was no more room on my hard drive! WTH? So I deleted programs and absolutely no change. I went to Avasts website which is not very user friendly and I finally found how to leave a message for customer support. Well customer support then asks me what was my problem. So I wrote back that if he was contacting me about the problems I was having with Avast, that I posted on Avast's website then he should know what my problems are? So he sends me a link to uninstall Avast and reinstall it. Well that failed and I sent him an email about it and NEVER heard back from him. Then another "customer support" sent me an email promising me he would help...NEVER heard back from him. Then finally finding a phone number for Avast I called and got hold of a "technical support" and they wanted to charge me $270.00 for a problem I tried to explain to her was Avasts fault to begin with. Had they look into it they would have found how Avast failed to protect my laptop from a virus that filled my computer disc all the way up and slowed my system to a crawl. Then I was able to talk with a supervisor and I told her the whole sordid story and she promised I would hear back from "Technical Support." You know I found out that when Avast employees tell you they will get back with you, it means they are done with you. NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME!!!

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