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Br Sep 27, 2019

First, I was sold a vehicle of what I though was new onl;y to find out it was sold t o me as used. I was told teh vehicle had 150 miles on it and it had 800 miles on it and no adjustment was made to the price or the warranty. I was not told that the warranty was from ford but was led to believe it was authentic ford warranty.

MRCLAIMS - I had made a claim to repair the sunroof which would no longer open or close. It was stuck in the open position and would close about 6" before stopping and retracting back into the fully open position. I took it to the repair shop and it was repaired under coverage from MRCLAIMS. I took the vehicle from the dealership but had to bring it back after the weekend (picked up on Saturday) when I noticed that there was cab noise after hitting higher speeds over 70 mph. I noticed a crack in the window about 6" from the front where the glass would stop and retract. this crack moved and got bigger as expected from hot days and cold nights would expand and contract the glass. It undoubtedly happened from the faulty sunroof retraction system. MRCLAIMS tells me that because I had left the repair facility and it wasn't reported before leaving they would not repair it. They said that the repair facility should have seen the crack but the crack didn't develop right away and the cab noise only occurred at high speeds so unless the use a magnifying glass looking for a slight nick, they would have missed the damage. In the end, I paid for the glass and the repair facility is doing the glass install for free.

This is horrible representation from Ford Autonation where I bought the vehicle on not fully disclosing this aftermarket vehicle insurance. Furthermore, this insurance company is not paying for legitimate claims and in the end, I am paying for it myself.

I am interested to see your response since this has so badly damaged my view of autonation, a company that I have dealt with several times in the past and may never again in the future.

Bruce Gerrard

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