AT&T / over charging

1 Peachtree Dr. Savannah, Ga. 31419, United States

We were moving mother from the third floor of an assisted living apartment to the first floor. The move was on Saturday, March 2. She is fairly deaf and has a hearing impaired phone, so we scheduled it on Thursday so she would have her phone in the new apartment on Saturday. Customer service said "no problem" and a technician would not even have to come in her aprtment. But, we didnt know it, but the family of the previous resident had passed away, and had not disconnected his service. But, while I was on hold, they called the front desk to verify the decease, and I was told that it would be on in her apartment by 6pm March 2nd, midnight at the latest. Her phone was already off the day before. Anyway, it was not on at midnight nor on Sunday, but on Monday! Their excuse was that a "new account" was being set up. Ridiculous! She being 90 years old had to sit in her apartment with no phone and only a life alert around her neck in case she fell. And when you call, you get another run a round and only new service and sales departments are open on Sundays. Then when her bill comes, there a $49.00 moving charge. For a 90 yr.old senior citizen who has never been late in their life?? Living on social security? This conglomerate has no mercy, no discounts and no idea how it is to live on a budget and long to hear the voices of family and friends in the last days of your life.
We as a family will never recommend such insensitive service as this greedy giant. We had trouble ourselves a few years back trying to "unbundle" as a means of downsizing for a move to another city. There are so many other companies now and their courtesy gets our business.

Mar 19, 2019

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