ATTinstallation of the internet and phone service.

Hello my name is MIchael living in south Florida. On 9.2.19 I called in to place an order for service for internet and phone . After speaking with the gentlemen, he advised me that he would need to send me an email with the earliest available date. The date he game me was a week later on 9. 12.19. I was okay with the schedule appointment date. I received the call early that morning saying that someone was coming to my house for installation. I was not told that someone would be coming to my house so, that appointment was cancelled and rescheduled 9.20.19. Since I was aware that someone needed to be at home, I arranged for someone to sit in the house between the hours of 12-4pm I also altered my schedule from work just so I can be there and release the person who has been waiting on my behalf. I called to check if the service was completed I was told that no one showed up to do the service. I made a few calls until I was able to get a supervisor by the name of Vanessa who reschedule the service for Saturday 9.21.19. I waited all day for service to connected one Gentlemen came and left said he could not complete the work and that a master technician would need to come. They called in the specialist name Patrick he was an awesome guy full of wisdom and most importantly he took his time and did the rewiring that was necessary so that my installation could be completed. I called on Sunday for service to be rendered spoke with Jonathan when I asked for a supervisor he pressed the button down several time and hung up the phone. I call back spoke with Joe requested a supervisor as soon as he heard my name he pressed the numbers on his phone and hung up the phone also. I called back spoke to jacqueline who transferred me to her supervisor name Rea who would not get the job done . I requested to speak to a manager and they all refused to put a manager on the phone. I spoke with another supervisor name Aldred Mata he said that he was the manager or Order processing. I repeated to him what he said . I said to him that your the manager of Order processing I need to have my order processed and you can't or won't do it his response was yes. His excuse was he could not override the system. In conclusion of this long exhausting complaint, I have yet to get service as if four weeks wasn't long enough now I am told that I have to wait until 9.25.19 for installation that should have been completed in one day. The overall level of help for this company is a minus 0000. I don't recommend the service to anyone if they want to continue to be in good health and not have to make daily or weekly phone calls. Customer Service is horrible . In the several times I called to get service all I heard was (I can't and I'm sorry). I was being told what was on a computer instead of being told how they were going to resolve the issue and the multiple inconveniences that has been placed on me the consumer. Horrible service, Horrible Customer Service. I wish I could speak to the CEO of the company and have him just listen to the calls that I had to take in order to get service after no one showed up on Friday 9.20.19 Jonathan and Joe don't belong in customer service they don't know the meaning of putting the customer first they are robotic to a job and that is all they know no empathy, however really quick to say I'm sorry I can't do that or this can't be done. I've encountered many people before and I never treated them this poorly as I have been treated. I can't even give this company 1 star because nothing was done right. Calling into Customer service is a nightmare.

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