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I had an email to sign up for a card. I actually did not activate the card yet and I am already being charged $175 dollar annual fee. I called customer service and they said they can not do anything about it. I said to them that they are not allowed to charge me if I have not actives this account. I still haven’t received the credit card in the mail so there is NO way I could activate it. So frustrating because NOW I don’t want to use them.

Desired outcome: Nothing they said they couldn’t help

Boise, US
Sep 01, 2023 8:09 pm EDT
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I had the same issue. Waited for the card. It never arrived. Called them. They issued another and said it would be here by the 31st of 1st bill was already due Yet it was never received NOR activated. This company is a joke. I was told it was sent out the 2nd time on 8/10... its now 9/1... Cancelled anything to do with this company and I would suggest anyone reading these comments to just run away.