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G Oct 23, 2019 Review updated:

I went to Aspen Dental because I needed new dentures, my upper cracked after 15 yrs. They did not tell me that they could fix my original, which they did telling me after they had fixed it.I may have stopped there-and now I wish I had.

They started my "treatment" in February 2019 and the first set fit ok (for me). I still do not have a finished set. The "finished" denture feels too big for my mouth and cuts into my gums in 3 places. I have an appointment on 10/23/2109 to see if they can "repair" them.

Their biggest worry is that my teeth show when I smile after I told them many times that I didn't care if my teeth showed.

They also talked me into a $5000.00 plus charge from Comenity Bank.


  •   Oct 23, 2019

    Hi Gregory! You can care for cuts in your gums using regular oral hygiene such as mouth wash and brushing them with a soft tooth brush. I hope this clears things up!

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