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M Oct 01, 2019

My name is Michael Mcphail and l paid for my upper denture out of my own pocket without insurance and paid several thousands of dollars for a new upper denture and is very dissatisfied with it cause they have never fitted correctly without alot of adhesive to hold them without them falling out and have had several reline's and two teeth have falling out on different occasions and my plat has cracked and another tooth chipped and all they do is temporary fix the problem and something else happens and l can't even eat without being in pain and sores for moving around please somebody help me with this problem PLEASE

  • Updated by Michael A Mcphail · Oct 01, 2019

    Additionally to my complaint all l am askinf for is what l paid for in full and l got a plate that doesn't fit properly and have a hard time eating and people have to see me with teeth missing and it is very embarrassingly especially when they are supp3to be new and you state on bulletin boards throughout your office if you are dissatisfied with your dentures they are free and l am not looking for a handout l just want to get what l paid for so fix them correctly or reimburse my money back and l will go somewhere else and have a new pair made by someone that knows their job and satisfying the customer like you have not so l am hopeful that somebody with aspen dental in upper management will review this complaint and take action where is needed. PlEASE

  • Updated by Michael A Mcphail · Oct 02, 2019

    This is Michael Mcphail again l had one of my teeth fall out in the front and one chipped and brought it in their to have repaired on Oct 1 2019 and one Oct 2 2019 at 9:00 am picked them up at the office in pascagoula, Mississippi and the only person working was the manager and he haf them in a plastic bag and handed them to me in the waiting room for everyone to see how embarrassing was that very unprofessional and should of done that in private and let me inspect them but was to embarrassed so l ask for a complete summary from day one on everything that was done and l notied that the last to repairs was not on it and that was to cover up their mistakes they have done 9 adjustments and three repairs since june of 2017 what's up with that so if l don't hear from the upper management l am filing a complaint to the attorney general of Mississippi and tbe better business Bureau and gettiny with my lawyer to file a civil suit against the company cause they have peopme that are fresh out of school tbat don't know what they are doing and it is costing everyone time and money for what a mouth full of junk that don't fitt and very painful and hard to eat anything so lets see what they will do cause l am 60 yrs old and don't play games just want what l payed for and if their are anybody else who want to join me in the suit here is my email [protected]

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